Random Thoughts After A Blog Conference 

Good day and welcome to another edition of Tuesday Coffee Chat with Rory (or Les, - yes I know that confuses some. I promise to answer to either.)

Normally I would give you a theme to focus your post on, but since I knew I would be rather exhausted, i.e. brain-dead after my blog conference, I am leaving the topic up to you this week.

 Feel free to tell me whatever is on your mind.

Whatever is rambling around your head and wanting Out!

Vacation photos still on camera?    Share them!

Recently redecorated your guest bathroom?    Show me the before and after.
(seriously, I dig that stuff.)

Of course, if  you also attended either ShesConnected or BlissDom Canada 2012, you know I want to hear all about it.  Oh, and do include the party pics please.

ShesConnected Conference 2012

What follows are some of the random thoughts in my head since attending the above conference.  I will share more in depth posts later this week; some of the advice and tips I have learned.

  • If you give me free coffee All Day Long - I will endorse your product tirelessly.    McCafe - I'm Lovin' It!
  • If you also put my Twitter handle (@RoryBore) on a giant coffee mug....I'll pretty much be your slave for life.  (Once I receive it...trust, a pic will follow!)
  • Also, free smoothies and manicures!   Hello lover....where ya been all my life?
  • I used to feel rather ambivalent about Twitter.   Apparently if you ply me with caffeine, fresh fruit, and scent the room with nail polish -  I will tweet All.Day.Long

  • Tweeting All Day Long really burns up your iPhone battery!
  • Clearly Telus knows about the draining power of The Twit since it provided cell charging stations for all attendees.    And some very cute furry critters -  Zoo Zoo approves:
  • not to be outdone, Ford also provided cell charging stations....in lockers no less!  And some fun other events too.   Plus, they put my twitter handle on a t-shirt.   I approve heartily.

  • also, Honda?  I love my van, but what have you done for me lately?
  • does anyone else get really cramped fingers from tweeting too much?
  • do you thing health insurance will cover this affliction?  
  • I wonder if OHIP is on The Twit?
  • That's Ontario Health Insurance Plan for non-Ontario, or Canada residents

  • Some bloggers?  They're not as nice as they appear to be on their blogs.   Unfollow.  Everywhere.
  • Others?  Will become your new BFF's because they are That Awesome!  Follow them everywhere.  (I miss ya Sandra!!)
  • You'll know they are the real deal when they don't introduce you as their stalker to people you've just met.
  • You'll know they truly might be a kinda stalker if they grope your bum.
  •  God moments can happen ANYWHERE.  Don't miss them - you'll be blessed.
  • There should be free candy At Every Party.  (I miss you too Kelly!)


  • even though you've been raised to not expect too much, let alone ask for it.  To be content with what you've got:  if they ask?   Always take the room upgrade!   Those new boots you bought?   Yes, gorgeous - no doubt.   But you're feet will thank you later for the soak:

  • your stomach will also thank you the morning after that you filled out that breakfast card:

  • also, when attending a Blogger Conference, it's always a good idea to pack an extra bag.   Did you know about this thing called "SWAG"?   I know now.

Stay tuned for details on what I am going to do with all that great stuff.   
Hint: Sharing is my favourite.

  • Finally, even if you are nervous, feeling out of your element, and even a bit over-whelmed.....don't let fear or anxiety talk you out of a great adventure.    Clearly...you never know just what might be in store for you.

 So, what is on your mind today?
Feel like sharing any recent adventures?

NEXT WEEKTrick or Treat!   Share your favourite prank:  done by, or done to, you.  Or share a spooky good recipe.   Seriously, I want candy.