Welcome to the spooky edition of Coffee Chat!!
 If you want some mood music for this weeks' theme, you can check out my Monday's Music post here.

Once again, thank you kindly to all those who participate in my weekly chat.
Otherwise, I'd just be sitting here talkin' to myself.

Cause that never happens.  *eye roll*

Our theme this week is Trick or Treat
Share the best prank you ever saw/executed/survived, or tempt us with an appropriately ghoulish treat.

As for myself, I feel I should give you all a tasty treat because of the nasty weather trick #Sandy has pulled this holiday Halloween.

How about some Brains In A Jar?


Looks yummy!!
Also, officially.......eeeewwww.

But you know, this holiday is just not the same without a trick or two.   In my experience, the best pranksters - hands down rise about the rest -- has been the Engineering Students at The University of Western Ontario.   Not only do I not know how they do half the stuff.

How have they never actually been caught in the act!??

My top 3 Tricks the UWO  Engineering Faculty have Treated Us to:

1.  What Time is it Mr Disney?
      The students scaled the iconic clock tower and turned it into a giant Mickey Mouse Watch

2.   Smile Jack!
      Oh the fun they have had with the Hume Cronyn Observatory!  The first incident used permanent paint  - a rather costly repair job.   The year I attended, they used glow in the dark paint.

3.   No Parking!
      Some of the best always involve cars.  Parked in tight spaces; up flag poles, around lamp poles, or fully reassembled in the Dean's office.   Or, how do they do it?  Around a tree!!??

Not to be outdone by my purple painted fellow co-eds, I had prank of my own that I was fond of executing on some unsuspecting soul.    Friends, allow me to introduce you to The Leaner:

Step 1:  Fill the biggest pail, bucket, or my personal favourite, trash can half full of water
Step 2:  Lean it against the victims' unsuspecting persons' door
Step 3:  Knock, knock
Step 4:  Run!!

It's completely childish, I know.  But so so stupid funny.
Especially if your dorm room has 60 year old carpet that really stinks, and I mean gag-stinks, when it's wet.

But if you are just too nice to pull a prank, well I've also got one that is more the neighbourly thing to to do.    Have you been Ghosted this year?


We have had a blast doing this little "boo" trick this year!   The kids were just thrilled to be sneaking around in the dark the other night delivering their treat baskets to a couple of neighbours.

And since we were ghosted.....well, I'll just admit it:  I didn't have to get into the stash of candy I had purchased for the trick or treaters Wednesday night.   Win, Win!

So tell me dear chatters, which are you?    The Trick, or the Treat?

Next Week:  Did I ever tell you - you're my hero?  Who is the person who has had the biggest influence on your life?