Welcome to Coffee Chat!
Thank you to all those who linked up last week and shared their heroes: real and fictional.
This week is crazy busy for me, as I try to complete all the final preparations for my Blog Conference this weekend.

This Coffee Chat will be my last blog post until I return from the conference......there's just no time ya'll!

As you know.....I've got nothing to wear!

Seriously.  I've been a Stay at Home Mom for 7 years.   Which means this is the sacred home of the almighty and glorious Yoga Pant!!

Fashion?   It comes here to die.
Hard to believe there was ever a time when Cosmopolitan was my 2nd bible.  

So in the interest of time; let's get right to What's Rory Wearing!

First of all, I have a 4 hour train trip, so this is the one time "comfortable" is allowed.

Any of these would do quite nicely.
Hello boots!!  Get on my feet.


I will also need to look somewhat professional during the sessions and while meeting with various Brand Representatives.  The thing is to still be somewhat comfortable since I will be sitting for long periods of time too.
Oh, a little tip:   I love, love the look of blazers and jackets -- but they look AWFUL on me.   Unless it is one that can be worn open;  Avoid.

A mix and match set like this would be HEAVEN!http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-set/BQcDAAAAAwoDanBnAAAABC5vdXQKFk1NTWQ1QkxMM3hHd0ZrS2x3eVBES3cAAAACaWQKAXgAAAAEc2l6ZQ.jpg
Or this:

There will be dinners out with (hopefully) some great new friends.    Night life in Toronto?   Oh, lawsy.....someone help me out. 

You're totally thinking of calling Stacey and Clinton, aren't you?

Google says this is "trendy"


This is October in Canada.....thinking that last one will give me red cheeks  ;)

I love this one from my Pinterest Board "Just 4 Me", but the jeans are a bit "holy" for dinner.

My life needs those shoes!

This is Perfection!

Wrap dresses are seriously chic....and always classic.

Also, cute, yet appropriate pj's are a must since I will be sharing a hotel room.
And nobody needs to see all that.



Okay, so I don't want to steal all the ideas -- I'd like to see your ideas.
Or, you know, just nominate me for What Not to Wear.  Right.Now

I will also need an 80's theme costume, and something to wear for a 50 Shades of Grey themed party.    And remember, I can get my own hand cuffs (wink, wink Left Brain)

 No need to find something for every occasion; just remember:  Canada.  October.   Don't be dressing me in slip dresses and sandals.   Those days be gone here.

So....off you go to seek and find!   

NEXT WEEK:  Since I will just be returning from my Conference, next week will be Random Thoughts.   Got something on your mind recently?  This is your chance to speak out.   Recent vacation and want to show off those photos?  Cue the slideshow!  It's your call.