It's Monday.
C'mon - get moving!   I'll help.

PhotobucketOctober 29 because it's Halloween our theme for this DATE will be Halloween music, videos, cartoons or bloopers. What the heck Halloween commercials too if you think it's funny! 

Have fun with it. Have a BOOtiful Day! 

Alright, let's jump on the Scary Train!

*I'm excluding the obvious "Thriller" inclusion because....well -- too obvious!*

First up - Lights!
They're not just for Christmas anymore:

Having trouble with your lights?   Who ya gonna call?
This guy:

In fact, you can project an entire frightening scene on your house to really keep those pesky pranksters away:
(this one is scary -- exit the kiddos)

I haven't even read the books, and I've only seen the first and .....second to last??? movie, but this cracked me up.

And finally, the annual one from my childhood.   Don't see it much anymore, so it was a real treat to find on YouTube:

Do you have a favourite Halloween Boo Tune?

(A Listicle of Firsts can be found HERE.)