So, funny thing.

Those of you who also live in a land which experiences 4 distinct Seasons, might be familiar with the practice of "storing seasonal clothing."

Each change of season, I put the clothes I don't wear in storage.   At summer time, this means all my jeans/sweaters, etc.  However, since it is now October in Canada, I am gonna need me some jeans soon so that I can stop shaving my legs every 3rd day won't freeze at the bus stop.   So, I went into the scary place under my stairs in search of comfy jeans.

I found none.

 I've done lost my pants. 

Seriously, I kid you not.....I sit here, pant less....and slightly panting, although I doubt the two are related.    (And gee whiz....there was a cool breeze thru my kitchen window at O'Don't-Let-Them-Be-Up-Yet-O' I'm sweating again!)

Which reminds me: my sweaters appear to be gone as well.   
The hell?   I had them all nicely washed and then stored in a garbage bag that was right here.
I know it was right THERE beside the boxes of baby clothes that went to the charity bin last month....

.......oh crap!    Is it possible I donated my winter wardrobe?
Could I be that stupid. sleep-deprived?
Apparently, yes.

Thus, yes, it was I who exited my house this morning in 9 degree Celsius weather wearing Capri jeans and a tank top.   Coat?  Forget about it.   I even put my kitten heel sandals back on.
Sometimes, you just gotta own it.

So......who's up for a shopping spree?


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This week’s statements:

1. I am very excited about my upcoming blog Conference.   2 weeks!!!   And I have no pants!

2. I am most comfy when the magic bra less hour arrives.  Some's a lot earlier than others.

3. You will never believe what I saw on my way home from shopping, an absolutely stunning display of autumn colours reflected in the River, as I drove over the bridge.  
 Since I was driving, I couldn't log onto Instagram and snap a pic ---- but someone else is a more talented driver than I:
Fall in Arnprior

 4. My mornings don’t start until coffee happens.     If even the 2 year old knows this, why can't the rest of the world get on board and not start until at least 10 am; and a 2nd cup.

Well, this story has a happy little ending after all.
And by that I am referring to my "end"....being, um, well "littler"

I found jeans!
The pre-baby jeans.  
(technically the between baby #2 and baby #3 jeans.....pre baby #1 is a dream I just have to let die.)

They fit.
Someone better give me a "Hallelujah, Amen sista!"

Hitting the mall and giving Thanks,