Acting BalancedI've had a lot to say the last couple of days.

Kinda sick of my own thoughts.

So, brace yourselves: it's a photo explosion!

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Sundown pales the sky: aunt's cottage Family Reunion

the beach:  Grass hill park Kingston

1000 Islands Cruise, Gananoque, Ontario CANADA
 Learn more about the 1000 Islands HERE

It is a fantastic river boat cruise - the kids loved it.
And you would not believe the homes/cottages people build on the islands.   Some islands are quite big and have several homes, but others are quite small; and still - they build!

Some of my faves:
if you zoomed in, there are bridges connecting the various building

Course, you will need a boat to get to your cottage

Some are fancier than others

this is so so cool!

The front view -- look at that water lounger!

More  - like the hobbit cottage and a real castle! - after the jump

you would not believe the landscaping on this one - Yes, those are garden retaining walls!

Little Island - Big home

my fave - the Hobbit Cottage I call it

this one is MASSIVE -- the cruise boat is quite far away - I zoomed as close as I could

And finally, if you got an extra million or two lying around, this one is all ready for you to build your dream cottage upon:

Or, you could just travel a little further up the river and really see your dream.....Castle:

 HA - tricked ya.
That's just the Yacht House!!

THIS is  Boldt Castle!

If you ever find yourself in the Kingston, Gananoque is a must see trip!