You can thank Left Brain for the prerequisite "1st Day of School Photos."

 I have stupid phone, remember.
No Instagram prettiness:  this is fer realz.

Monkey Boy:  Grade 3

Angel Girl:  SrK and posing fierce as always

 There was another picture of Angel Girl, but she was standing in front of our recycle bins.   And really, do you need to see how many bottles of wine we went through Kraft Dinner boxes we go through in 2 weeks.   So Left Brain is quick with the "snap", but no so good with the "crop."
I may not be good at capturing these moments - I'm too busy living them often.
Or, I tend to push my children out of the way move faster to grab moments like this:

view from my aunt's cottage balcony

something about this cloud just grabbed me

Blue Moon

I'm a good mom like that.
Happy Hump Day all.

 warm wishes sign