Thursday = Mama's day off.
From blogging at least.

I have a church play date/meeting in the morning, school volunteer duty during noon hour, groceries to buy during the afternoon, and another church meeting in the evening.

Day off - you're doing it wrong.

the other 2 moms? fell asleep before they could take the poll!
 While I am gone, I thought I would just leave readers with a quick "go-over" of some new things on the revised site.

On the top Nav Bar, the How I Blog page details my blogging schedule.    It lists the days I generally post and what memes I participate in.   If you have a weekly meme that I join; you will likely find yourself there.   If you want me to list your meme - just contact me.


If you are interested in joining my weekly meme Tuesday Coffee Chat, the sneak peek for the topic is in the box right under my header.   Any chat information will be posted here so you can check back for the topics.   However, I also normally include a preview of the future topic within the current chat post with linky, as well as, include the sneak peek as a reminder in a weekend post.

The Nav Bar under my header has other pages with various info.

Time Out Crew page is essentially an All About the family page.  You know, the ones that really matter.  (whereas This Is Me in top navbar is well....all about me.)  But it's not really all about me - despite what my blog title might suggest.    They are my world.   I still totally love of all you with big, fluffy big hearts :)

Newly edited with lots of great time out tips for mom is the Relax Mom page.   Currently you'll find ideas for a Mom's Survival Kit, some easy exercise routines for those times when you have minimal time, or are travelling; and other great tips for relaxation and simple living.    Eventually there will be some beauty tips as well.   The page also features a handy Quick Link Table of Contents so that you can easily jump to a topic.

 Featured page is basically where I've been on the Web, and Blog Awards received.   Nothing new there lately.

 In The Dirt is my garden page and sadly, thanks to a 6 week drought, there is not much there either.  It was a rough season. There are few pictures of the lucky surviving plants though - in case you want to know what to plant in case of drought.  *eye roll*

Recipes, formerly called Kids in the Kitchen,  is just that:  easy recipes for family meals.  Most are simple enough that your children can cook with you.   I highly recommend the Read to Me Brownies, along with a copy of Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson.   (this page will also be edited to include Quick Links to recipes.....eventually.)

On the Sidebar to the right there is Popular Post know, if you ever find yourself out of current books and the library is closed and your Kindle/Kobo recharging.
You'll also find a link to my favourite Digital Scrap booking site, My Memories, along with my code that you can use to receive a discount from purchases.   The software is so easy to use and there is a lot of support via blogs and video tutorials.
Finally, there is Rory Recommends, which currently features some great reads.   Fit Moms for Life is a fantastic guide for moms who want to get fit; and stay fit.   Also, featured right now is one of my favourite bloggers AND authors, Brenda Youngerman: her current book is Skewered Halo.   You can find Brenda's blog and novels HERE. 

I think that about covers it for now.

My blogspot template features quite a few custom "hacks" (peekaboo Blogger Nav Bar, scroll to top feature, scrolling blog buttons):   if there is something you want to know how to do, please do feel free to contact me.  I am glad to help if I can.
Hopefully one day soon I can get that Featured Post content slider to work and all this info will be contained within it, with beautiful photos.

The dream lives on.

**Also, check out Left Brain's "better late than never" coffee chat/quotable quote post.  He did pretty good I think!  See it HERE **