Welcome to the first Tuesday Coffee Chat since the summer break!

The rules of coffee chat are quite simple:


Besides that, all you have to do is write a post about this weeks' topic, grab that cute coffee cup button on the sidebar for your post, come back and link up.    Easy as pie......um, with coffee.

And ice cream.
We go big or bust around here.    That's your first tip.

As I said in the Sneak Peek, today is all about "Tips", meaning "let's make life easier for one another"; and not "slip me a fiver."

Unless you want to give me a $5, if which case -- I totally accept.
Yep, that easy.

TIP #1

Okay, so my first tip is oddly enough related to coffee.
Remember all that trouble I was having with my Keurig Coffee Brewer?
And then one day, "POOF!".....it went up in smoke -- literally.    Well, I won't lie, life without instant brewed coffee has not been fun.   I completely forgot how to measure coffee, since KCups make it all so lovely and convenient, and now my coffee tastes less than fine.   Plus, we didn't want to spend a lot of money on a new coffee brewer until we decided if we'd give Keurig another chance:  3rd time is the charm right?     Thus, I bought a $15 mini coffee brewer that only makes about 4 cups at a time.

4 cups.  At a time.
Who wants to take a guess on how many times that sucker is brewed by....oh, let's go with noon?   Any takers?

Meanwhile, I just cleaned the old broken Keurig off the counter, along with the boxes of KCups and put them in the pantry to store..... So naturally, Left Brain spies this clean counter and must think to himself, "Self....that is one clean counter.  So much space.  We must put something on it."   And thus he calls Keurig Customer Service.

Long story short:   my new free-of-charge Keurig brewer should arrive on my doorstep in 10 days!!!

So what's the tip Rory?
Easy:   when something is broken ---  Call.The.Guy 

Don't just accept a failed product -- what have you got to lose?  Companies won't be aware of faulty equipment or bad product if we don't speak up.   Be polite, but have your say.

And quite possibly, you too can have fresh perked coffee in a variety of wonderful flavours brewed in less than a minute.
Or an unclogged toilet.
Whatever.....Just Call The Guy!
(Also, Keurig Customer Service is AWESOME!!)

*Contrary to how it must appear, the above was not a Paid Post.  Although, I think we all know I would totally do it for the money.*

TIP #2

A blogging tip seems appropriate.    Well....sort of.
I am tempted to go with "Don't be lured by pretty templates with fancy features because you will only get in over your head because you are actually techno challenged in the first place so what makes you think you could get that Content Slider to slide anyway.  And the combination of loss of sleep and maximum grey matter usage is not a good look for you.  Ever.   However, your hair does look fantastic today; Smile!"

As I have mentioned recently and frequently, I am in the middle of a blog re-design.    Why all the trouble Rory?
Well, I don't know if anyone noticed that "She's Connected Conference 2012" badge floating at the top left of my page.   You know the one that also says "I'm Going"??

That's right folks - my first blogging conference!!!   I am so excited.  And terrified.  And more than a little broke since I have no idea how to go about getting sponsors (I mean, besides Left Brain.....it wasn't hard convincing him to show me da money *wink*), and thus am paying for everything myself.
So why bother?   With all of it:  difficult blog design, and going to a conference that may have to be considered my Christmas, Valentine's and birthday present.  First, in a nutshell, as much as I adore my current design, I wanted a new look that is more professional and clean.  Not looking so much scrap-DIY, if you know what I mean.   I don't want my little blog to be embarrassed when it goes to hang out with all the Big Blogs.

Except, Holy Crap  --- I don't know anyone that will be there.  Not A Soul!
(unless you are going in which case, please, please, please......what are you packing to wear?!)

(except the lovely Sandra over at Absolutely Narcissism, who I won't lie...I have visions of us doing the long-run-to-each-other-in-slow-motion-hugging -- where I may, or may not squeeze her butt just to see if it really is That Fantastic, and then we have ourselves a Candy bowl party....but she'll totally teach me some great abs of steel exercises afterward so it'll be fine, and then we might sing some show tunes.  Or rap.  Not sure what music she likes, but my iPod will be loaded an and fully charged and.........whew, was that out loud?)

Um yeah.....my excitement regarding the adventure is most certainly over-riding any fears.

And that my friends is your tip.  Kick fear in the A$$.  
Don't let it hold you back from your dreams.
Don't let it keep you from learning new things -- even if they are difficult and you might have to pay a price.

It will be worth it.   You might get to play in the big leagues.   At the very least, you will feel great for the accomplishment.    I know I have thus far, despite the trials.  Allow me to show my work:

A little sneak peek of the forthcoming New Look!

TIP #3

Oh, I am so, so hoping a Time Out reader out there is going to show up with a post loaded with sweet Pinterest offerings.   Thus, I will refrain since this post most certainly cannot be classified under the category of "Time Saving Tips".     So to keep is short(er), here are my Top 3 Beauty Tips:  because while it may be better to feel good, than to look good:  it sure doesn't hurt looking good either!

1.   Cheap Eye Make-Up Remover:   Pour 1 cup of water, a few drops of Baby Shampoo, and 1 1/2 Tbsp. of baby oil into a bottle/container.   Shake before each use - simple put some on cotton ball to remove even the best Waterproof Mascara.   This stuff is sooo great because it doesn't pull at the delicate skin around your eyes.   (take out contact lens first!)

2.  Dry Cracked Heels from Summer?   Slather on some Vaseline and put on some wool socks.  Wear while you sleep and in the morning, your heels will be so, so soft.   For really tough, damaged heels you may have to do a couple of nights.

3.  Natural Lip Stain:  Ok, so this one is a bit different, but I swear it works!  Kool-Aid!
Comes in many different shades that you can use and is Cheap.  Simply mix the powder colour of your choice with some water to make a paste, apply with QTip --- Careful to Stay in the lip line! - and let the paste stay on for a few minutes.  Wipe access clean.  (um, note to the wise:  licking unsweetened Kool-Aid is not as fun as you might think.)   Top with some clear gloss, Vaseline, whatever you like.
Also, this will work on your hair as a temporary stain -- as long as you don't have really dark hair!   We used to do this as teenagers for Halloween all the time.

Alright my dears.    That's it for this week.
I think my tips can nicely be summed up thus:

Or something like that.
Go forth and conquer dear Readers!

NEXT WEEK:   Join me next week when the topic will be:   Men:  And the Woman Who Blog About Them.   Oh dear readers.....DO have some fun with this one.

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