Hello and Happy Tuesday!
Welcome to another edition of Coffee Chat!
Hopefully most of you have adjusted to Time Outs new look.

The new Keurig arrived just in time,  and I finished the design.
 Have coffee - will create!   All night.  True story.

A very big thank you for all who linked up their most awesome tips last week.  I think it was a record link-up (huh?) for Coffee Chat
You are awesome. 

 As I mentioned last week, the rules of  The Chat are pretty simple.

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On to this week's topic.
(very sorry, I just could not think of an ultra cool segue this week.  sometimes my brain....it not work so good.  I dusted today.....yeah, brain dust - that's it.)

Men.....and the Women Who Blog About Them

So, specifically, I was curious as to how the rest of you managed having a home, kids - as a SAHM or a mom working outside the home, family, friends, time to write your blog, time to read blogs.....and still had time for the man/significant other in your life.

And more importantly, how does your man feel about all this.....bloggy world thingy-a-bob-doohicky.

Now, I am not specifically talking about SEX - although, I will totally go there if you want me to.
I'm quite - actually, absolutely certain Left Brain would like me To Go There.

Those silhouette girls on my blog header/background are not getting ready to bake cookies - if you know what I mean.

Okay - let's go there.  C'mon - it'll be fun.  Sorta.
(I told ya my blog grew up.)  God on Sunday, sex talk on Tuesday.

Anyhoo, I don't know how it all goes down.....say after 8:30 pm in your house, but after "just one more kiss" to 3 children in this house, I am focused on my finally can sit-the-hell-down:  guess who's looking for his turn to be tucked in?
mmm, mmmm

Sometimes it is "giddy up".   But sometimes, and by that I mean, most of the time:  I need me some DownTime.  A little relaxing while I switch gears from mommy-do-this, to mommy-oh-I-like-it-when-you-do-that.
If you know what I'm sayin'.
Please say you know what I am saying? 

You see, for me, it's not enough that I struggle all day long to ensure that out of:  the house (cleaning, laundry, cooking, general upkeep), my social circle, my church activities, plus all 3 of my children --- that nothing is suffering from my lack of attention.    And much of that already has to be completed after kids are abed - and we have not even talked blogging yet.   Or patiently waiting hubby.

Seriously, can I buy some more hours in the day on eBay or something?
I mean, at what point in the day is a woman allowed to throw her hand's up in the air and say:

Enough with the doing already!  Imma done doing for y'all.   
Whatcha gonna do for me now?

Does that seem utterly selfish?
I don't think so.    Otherwise......best rename the blog along with the new design.

And yet, our spouse is also entitled to our best, most loving tender care too.  Our full attention.
Well, if we want to keep them anyway.

But I admit it -- I struggle with this.
Sometimes, it's simply not having anything left to give to another person at the end of the day.
Some days, the kids have literally mauled me half to death; I'm sticky and dirty; and if another person touches me....so help me they are not getting back whatever they touched me with!
Some days that blog post, or poem has just been swirling around my brain all day long.  I've left half sentences, rhyming couplets, or odd thoughts on paper scraps all over the house.   And now, finally, I can write it all down.  Get it out.  Release.   *sigh*

 Seems incredibly unfair to hubby.   Especially if they have made valiant effort to lighten your load (ahem, sorry for that) during a tough day.   And made supper.  And brought home wine.   

Left Brain was supposed to write his own thoughts to be posted on today's chat.
But I guess he forgot.    He's on nights - so I will let it slide.  I'm sure he'll try really hard to make it up to me.  *side eye*

Truth?  I honestly don't know how he feels about it.
I do know he never makes me feel guilty about wanting, nay  -needing, to sit down and write for a few hours each night.  And read others.   He'll happily watch Star Trek for 237th time.   Hoping all the while,  I am sure,  that his turn will come.  (ahem - again, sorry)

Heck, he is even working overtime and extra paid duties so I can go to the Blog Conference.

Now, don't get me wrong....it's not that I don't want to be with him.   Oh gosh, the number of posts, poems, backgrounds, layouts, templates, images, and HTML code that man has looked at with me should alone earn him a gold star.  A medal in fact.    The number of super spy, Marvel comic based movies I have watched earn me my stars.

Of course I want to be with him.  To talk with him.  To hear his opinion.  To laugh at Damn-U Auto Correct for an entirely inappropriate amount of time.  I can talk his ear off for hours. (hush it)

So why don't I have the energy to do that for hours?
Doesn't he deserve that from his blogging wife?

Okay....fine, a good solid 40 minutes.   We're in our 40's with 3 kids for crying out loud.  Not in the sex-Olympics!
And we're Canadian.   It's not even cold out yet.  geesh.

Now before you get the wrong idea, of course it does happen around here.   I mean, really, even I can't hold out forever.   But maybe I should honestly consider if it is longer than it should be.   Longer than a wife with her priorities properly in order should allow.

Ah crap,  I gotta go now.
I'm pretty sure I've left something turned on upstairs.

P.S  This is my take on the prompt.   Your interpretation can be completely different.  I certainly do not expect to hear about everyone's sex-capades!   A simple post about how supportive, or not, your spouse is towards your blogging is sufficient.   Or, you know... the other. 

NEXT WEEK:   Back to School.   For most of us, our kids have settled back into the school routine.  What about you mom?   How are your days different now?  OR, if you could go back to school yourself, what would you study?