If you joined us for this weeks Coffee Chat  about Men...and Blogging, you will know that my own man was a no-show.

I told him "You owe me!"

So.... he bought me a brand spanking new lap top.

And also wrote a little something for y'all.

Without further adieu.......here's Left Brain Talking:

Hi, Left Brain here.  
I missed the post for Tuesday’s Coffee Chat….Not good considering I came up with it.   So my wife is letting me take control of the keys for this post.   
Here goes!

Quotes….hhhmmmm.  So many to choose from, but as my wife has already let slip, I am a product of the 80’s.   Sad to some, but I had a great time.
I digress.  This quote is from one of my all-time favourite movies, Ferris Buellers Day Off!


I think this epitomizes life in modern times.  Too often we get caught up in what we are doing, where we are going and forget to enjoy the trip or appreciate those around us.  I must admit, when travelling I am a point A to point B kind of guy.  

This can sometimes be applied to life at home though.  I have a nasty habit of simply getting through the day or week without thought.  This translates into how I relate to others as well….yes I mean my awesome wife.

I know I frustrate her, but it’s hard to fight ones’ nature at times.  Through her patient tutelage though, I have come out wiser on the other side. I have discovered this awesomely creative side of my wife that I didn’t even know existed until she started crying out for creative release.  She had a blog for almost a year and I had no idea!  How’s that for attentive?

I know she has stated that she is not exactly sure how I feel about her spending time on this machine…and to be honest at first I HATED it!  But that was the selfish me.   I thought she should be spending that time with me at the end of the day.

Eventually I learned to let be.  If I was patient, understanding, encouraging and helpful, eventually she moved towards me.  

So blog on baby and enjoy the new laptop.  Can’t have you going to that fancy-dancy blog conference with a laptop older than the Grand Canyon!

Babe, I hope this answers your question as to how I feel about your hobby/future profession.  You are a great writer and I don’t plan on missing watching you grow and entertain others!  


Left Brain.

He does sorry really well, doesn't he?
I love him.....and I really love my new laptop!
Thanks babe, as per my earlier tweet:

Now, let's go watch a kissing movie.
Left Brain:  As you wish.