Some of you that have been following Time out for Mom for awhile may remember that I used to do a weekly meme called "Tuesday Coffee Chat."

Breakfast is poured!
After a summer hiatus, it is time to get the percolator perking, or the kettle whistling if you prefer, and sit down to talk of happy things.
Or rant.
That will be fun too.

So be ready next Tuesday - September 11th, 2012, and I'll be back with a brand new Coffee Chat.

Coffee Chat Sneak Peek

For our first Chat, let's keep it simple.  Let's make life easy.  Got a great tip to share?  No..not $$$.  I mean of the beauty, organizational, home decor, or how to get Sharpie marker off a child's forehead *side eye* variety.   Write your post then come back to link up and share your wisdom.

Hope to see you next Tuesday!


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