So Brenda over at Fiction With A Purpose is Pondering - What Is New?
Hmmm......let me think a minute.

I'm sure I can come up with something...."New".

Well, the kids are in school now.
That's definitely new.
I actually have to get out of bed and feed them before I send them off.   No more, "there's granola bars in the pantry" as I linger over another cup of coffee and tweet.

Course with that change comes all sorts of new things:  backpacks, lunch boxes, pencils, crayons, and shoes.   Not to mention - homework.  Agh.   I can't blame them, I hate it too.

But I think Brenda is looking for something more....personal.    She mentioned her love of gardening and how she learned it later in life.

I love to garden too!
And despite an almost 6 week drought here; evidence shows I must be pretty good at it.
Why, yes indeed - I will show my work!

bell flower
bee balm and daisies

margarita daisy

Sedum - "Autumn Joy"

rudbeckia, "brown eyed Susan"
I am definitely learning more about gardening as each season passes, but honestly - I come from farmer stock so it's kinda natural for me.   New.  Anything New??
Oh, did I mention I am going to a Blog Conference?    I did?   Oh.
Well, that's still pretty exciting!

What else?
I know there's something I wanted to mention......

Oh, well....while I am Pondering it over, why don't you go ahead and grab my new blog button.

Time Out for Mom

You might notice:  it goes with the new blog design.

Turns can teach an old dog new tricks.

P.S.  It was a lot of work and I hope you do like it.   A complete change for me.   Gone is the cutesy DIY look - which I did adore - but mama wanted to put a little "sass" into this time.    Feedback is welcome, but know this:  if you recommend a change and don't see it happen:  I probably have no clue how to do it!  Ha.   Still have a lot of "new" to learn.