Girlfriends, I feel we've had some great talks here.

We've talked about a lot of stuff.
Some serious. Some silly. Some soulful.

But...can I ask you something?   Heart to heart.   Woman to Woman?
If I had you in my kitchen and asked you as I placed that hot mug of coffee before you:

So, how ya doing?

How would you respond?

Maybe you'd burst into a wide grin and tell me all the wonderful things going on in your life.
Maybe you'd burst into tears and tell me how very wrong and awful life is treating you.
Maybe, a little both.
Life can be like that sometimes.

And either is good.   A good reply.   Something we can work with.   Know why?
Cause it's your truth.    The authentic you in that moment.   And I will laugh, cry -- either way some tissue is gonna be involved -  with you in that moment.  We'll share the joys and burdens of life and ease one anothers' load.

But dear friend, can I tell you what I absolutely do not want to hear you say?

I'm fine.
Doing just fine.

And I'll tell you just a minute.

I had a wonderful, life changing opportunity today.
Now, before I go any further, you might want a slight warning.   You see, today is Sunday; and if you have read my About Me or How I Blog pages, you'll know:   I'm about to bring God in da house.

I know, usually I just bring the funny.   I'm tricky like that.   

If you are a fellow believer, than I hope and pray what I am about to share speaks to you.

If you are a non-believer, than perhaps you should click away I challenge you to Stay Right Here.......and I hope and pray what I am about to share speaks to you.
In fact, Double Dog Dare You.

I had me some Mommy Time Out today.   Here is where I was:

Naturally, I was not in Reading, PA - I was at a local church with other local woman of God watching via live Internet.   I was going to be Live Tweeting the "hallelujah and amen sista!"s out of the broadcast -- but I was too busy writing furiously in my workbook.
And laughing.
And crying a bit too.
If you have ever seen Beth, or read her books, you'll get that.

Her southern twang-tinged stories are the best.    Case in point:  her Texan 'Larger than Life' tale about Uncle Walter getting a 5 foot long rattler attached to his leg.   It bite him on the leg.   His wooden leg.  And he couldn't shake it off no matter how much he jumped on his good leg.   And the old rattler, with its fangs sunk deep in that wooden leg just hung on; rattling its tail all the while.

What on earth does that have to do with God and Christian Living.   And "fine".
Oh, just you hold on.....Beth's about to bring it on home: Big.
 (I just love how she turns a real life anecdote into a Living Proof glorious moment.)

See, Uncle Walt is us.....just cruising along fine and dandy.   And that serpent, well....he's the serpent.   The devil.   And as Christians, living God's word and doing fine, that tempting serpent can't get his poison in us.   We are protected by the wood of the Cross!!!  (oh, don't ya just love that.)   But.  But!!   He sure can get a good grip on us --- no matter how hard we try to shake him off.    He can still get his fangs in there, and we just go along our fine and merry way; dragging him along.
Not dying - but not free.

And we are captive, that if someone said to us, "Do y'all know you're draggin a big ole nasty rattler behind you?"
Surely we'd just nod and smile, sayin; "oh, him.  it's ok.  I'm fine.  He's always taggin along.  But I'm doin just fine. Imma gonna get there."

Girlfriend.  Can I tell you something?
Get that big, nasty, fang'd serpent off your leg!   Kick him back to the dust where he belongs and let him choke on it!

You were not called to a life of FINE.

 Beth's point:   God didn't call us to "fine" -- He called us to FAITH.

She asked a great question today:

Do you want to live in the Supernatural, Miraculous, provision of God; 
or do you want to live a perfectly explainable human existence?

Oh, that's sooo good.
But maybe you feel you have everything you need.    You're not dealing with any major crisis right now.  Perhaps things are truly fine.    But hon -- if you think you have everything you Need - you need to get a Bigger Life.

Need is an invitation.   Desperation has a way of forcing us out of our contentment...and into the real story.    Let me ask you 2 questions:

1.  Do you not ask for your need because you do not want to be disappointed?
2.  Do you not ask for your need because you have made peace with your faithlessness?

If it is "Yes" to either one:   You got a big snake on your leg -- get it OFF.

Further, Beth tells us:   "If you ask, and something doesn't come down -- somethings UP!"

Shake off fear.    Pick up courage.   Get your faith on and get into some prayer with expectation!
Pray like you know in your knower you're about to receive something!
Now, I know it may not be what you asked for or, expected - God's like that sometimes -- but I can tell you this:   you won't get a serpent hanging off your leg!

He is worthy of your trust.
He will never ask you to forsake one thing....without also giving you something good to take away.

Girlfriend, you can trust Him.
You can be more than fine.

Beth shared this verse with us today and challenged us to shake off our fear and take up courage.   We are not all called to be great inspirational or motivational speakers like her.   But we are called to "Tell."

Psalm 68:11 The Lord speaks; 
many, many women spread the good news. 

So that's what I have done.   Shaken off my fear that you will click "unfollow this blog" thinking Rory has done-gone lost her sense of humour and is gonna hit us with the family bible.

Nope, still funny.  You should totally see what I am wearing right now.
I just want to feel more than fine, and the best way I know to get sharing some good news.
Committing to living my own truth - embracing the authentic me.

Here is the link to Beth's blog ...and some great resources if you are interested.

And I do hope that you have stuck with me to the end.   I was thinking of my dear readers and how I could best live out my own Faithfulness:   so I bought a little something for one interested reader.

Excerpt from the back cover:

 Just leave me a comment, and next Sunday I will choose one random reader who will receive this book.