I'm a busy, stressed and grumpy mom today.    I'm not gonna lie.

School starts on Tuesday and I am busier than a cat trying to bury its turd on a frozen pond.

(think about it a moment, you'll get it.)

Anyhoo, how apropos that  Stasha has requested a list of 10: School Edition.
Honestly my dear Listmaster, I considered simply scanning in my actual  "To Do" list for school.
However, I must still hold a deep fear of failure; of receiving that most unspeakable of letters: 

Thus, I've crawled up from the depths of summer slackerville just for you.
That is love right there.

It's been awhile since I sat behind a desk, but since Monkey Boy is going into Grade 3 (wait....what?  when the heck....), you'd think I'd have this whole Back To School thing down to a science.    Nay, Nay.

You'd think since I have 2 children in school, I'd be better organized by summer's end.
Nay, Nay.

Which only proves to show dear readers, when it comes to Motherhood.....You're Always Getting School'd.

 1.  S'sly?  Walmart for back to school supplies on the Friday of a long weekend?  The last long weekend?     Yes, I am that dumb.

2.   Avengers or Star Wars lunch bag?   Barbie or Hello Kitty running shoes?   Twistable crayons or erasable pencil crayons?    Face it:  you're not getting 100% on this test.

3.  No, no....just no.  They cannot use last year's pencil case!  duh mom, it's like SpongeBob....that's so last year.  

4.   Can't find their new "indoor" shoes?   Of course not......they were left in the backyard, by the sandbox last night.  Last night ---- when it rained.  

5.    "What are these crumbs on my couch?" and "Where are all the lunch snacks I bought" are probably related.

6.  Sharpie's really are darn good markers.   They're practically forever.

And some other ways parental school is always in session:

7.   There is no such thing as the "terrible 2's."   Defining an age implies an end.  There is no end.

8.   "STOP YELLING!!!".      Oh yes you will.   

9.    Age regression:   arguing with a 3 year old?   Pretty soon you'll be acting like a 3 year old yourself.


10.   Time outs - yep, mostly for you.

I am pretty sure we got everything we need.
Yes, I can say with confidence -- my kids are ready for school!


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