It's Monday - Woot, Woot!!

Said no one ever.

Do you know what is worse than a regular, normal spilled coffee on my shirt, stepped on a stray Lego and wore my slippers to work run of the mill Monday?

P.A Day Monday.

Yep - I am in it.

 Our esteemed List Master has asked us to look around our house and give her a list of  10 Things Home.   I was tempted to decline the challenge this week, since I will be hiding somewhere with my new laptop watching Pride and Prejudice while the kids tear the house apart.

They'll be fine:  the pantry snack drawer is within reach for even Zoo Zoo and every bathroom has a cup by the tap.

And before you ask, yes - it is the version with Colin Firth.
There is no other version.
Yes, I will argue that - most ardently.

Without further adieu:

 10 things I am sure to witness/hear/say within my home on this PA Day.

1.  Snoring.  That would be Left Brain sleeping.   He is on nights, so he gets to stay in bed.  Because a SAHM never has "work" at night and thus doesn't require extra shut-eye.  *eye roll*

2.   The Doorbell:  that would be the arrival of my daycare charge.  Let's call her "Roo".

Let's take a moment and sum up:  1 almost 8 year old boy, 1 five year old girl, 1 three year old girl - Roo,  and one 2 1/2 year old girl. 
Which equals =  Noise.   A Lot Of Noise.

3.  I think now is a good time to mention what I will say for the first time, and what will oft be repeated during this long day:  "What's going on down there!?"

4.  Closely followed by:  "No, we don't draw on mommy's computer screen - we have a chalkboard and paper for drawing."   Also not the first time said.

5.  "MINE! IT'S MINE *sound of windows shattering* GIMME IT I WANT IT, I WANT IT.
      This will be the girls.    Because 10 Barbie dolls, 4 Strawberry Shortcake, 3 Disney Fairies and a drawer full of My Little Ponies is certainly not enough to share.

6.  I could cheat and consider the list of dolls sufficient items to complete the list.   And I didn't even get to all the Star Wars and Lego.    Am I not dedicated list-maker Stasha?

7.  Jake and the Neverland Pirates.   I'm just gonna be honest: I taped an hour long special in anticipation of this PA Day.    Don't judge.  I can't go anywhere because of the extra child and minus one car seat.
TV can so be a good babysitter.
Some days, I will also argue that most ardently.   

8.  Flies.   Um, that sounds gross.  Let me explain.  That would be because out of 4 children, none can remember to shut the patio door when running from the backyard to the house: and back again. does have a lock though.  On the inside.
Oh easy....I'm just kidding.

9.   Perk-a-lege:  new word alert - meaning the constant brewing of my newly replaced Keurig coffee machine.
I'm in love again and I don't care who knows it.

10.  Laughter.
       Because when life, and PA days with a house full of kids gets too crazy.....well, if you can't beat 'em - might as well join 'em.

Either that, or the carpet on my Time Out Step will be worn bare:

Hoping Monday treats you well; home, work or wherever you may be.