I'm up to my neck in HTML and CSS these days.
New Season, time for new look.
So Stay Tuned --- Time Out for Mom will soon have a completely new, fresh look!

Beyond the simple change of font recently done.
Didya notice?
 wish I could say it was soley due to comments that my font was hard to read, but truth be known, I was having trouble reading it myself.  Pretty sad when you cannot read your own blog.

Also, aging sucks.

Also, my youngest puked all over me during dinner at my MIL's house last night.
And I appear to have picked up some mild food poisoning.
I'm sure it wasn't the MIL --   no one else is sick.    

I need to laugh.  You?

When I was doing my Listicles post this week, I always chuckle that Spell Check wants to change it to "testicles."    This reminded me of this site, D@mn You Auto Correct!    It has all these text messaging fails due to the auto correct program.
Now some are definitely NSFW, or young eyes that might be reading over your shoulder.   I won't include any of those in this post:  you can go look for yourself.

Friday Sillies square button

But seriously, it's amazing how your phone can turn a simple sentence into something a drunken sailor might utter.   This site could easily replace my Pinterest addiction.

If you have some funnies to share....head on over to Cathy's Blog and link up your laughs.


funny auto-correct texts - Lord of the Baseball

funny auto-correct texts - Red October Rental

funny auto-correct texts - Hip, Hip Hoo-huh?

funny auto-correct texts - Feeling Connected

And epic fail.   major proportions:


There, don't we all feel much better?

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