Disclaimer: If you are reading this, it means I survived the PA day with 4 children.

If you are looking for Tuesday Coffee Chat, and there is no post: send help.

I tried to join them - but they must have beaten me.

And why, pray tell, is there already a PA day when they have only been in school a couple of weeks.

(for those of you wondering, a "PA Day" stands for Professional Activity Day and the kids have no school.   Kinda like a "Snow day", but without the snow.   I have no idea who is doing the Professional Activity - otherwise, I might sign up for some kind of class.  Except; I'd need someone to watch my children.)

Whose grand idea was this anyway?

Besides, I don't think they have earned a holiday yet.   I mean, honestly; how much work could they have done already besides the typical, "My Summer Vacation".

 G'day and welcome to another Coffee Chat.     I am Rory, or Les - I will answer to either - and I am your host.   As always, much love and thanks to those who continue to join me for a cup a joe and a chin wag.

So, as I mentioned in the prompt, kids have returned to school and mom is supposed to have some free time.   Assuming you do not have any toddlers at home, such as I.   Which I think pretty much foreshadows how the remainder of this post will proceed.

I don't know how it goes for you, but so far we've already had some "snafus".    The smallest of which is Monkey Boy informing us that we must sign his Agenda each night - it provides information on his homework, reports, or any events at school - so that the teacher knows we are aware of such details.   I think,  "well that's quite smart actually."   He has to sign too - teaches him to take responsibility for his schoolwork, and we can monitor his progress.

Then he also informs me, "You have to send the money for the Agenda tomorrow."

Let me get this straight, the school says he must have this, it is a necessary learning item he must use, I must sign it....daily.  And I also get to pay for it!?   Fabulous.   Next time please add it to the full page list of required school items parents must purchase so that I can budget appropriately.

As mildly vexed I am by the above situation, it really wasn't that much money, so it's not a huge problem.   I just don't like the "assumption of payment."   The second bump was definitely more noticeable and my vexation increased accordingly.

We are 2 weeks into school for Angel Girl, who is in Senior Kindergarten.  To ease the transition, our school board has kindergarten on alternate full days, and every other Friday.   Thus, Angel Girl - Schedule A - goes to school every Monday, Wednesday, and alternate Fridays.   All day. 

Easy enough, right.   Plan accordingly.   And we do.  I book her swim lessons, or play dates, my church moms social groups, etc. all based on her "days off."

And then I get the call from the Principal informing me that the Jr/Sr Kgtn. classes are too big so they are hiring another teacher and will split up the classes.   Uh-oh, Angel Girl LOVES her teacher.  Seriously, we get notes regarding reminding her about "personal space" and that 1 hug in the morning and another upon dismissal is sufficient.    But fine - we'll deal.

And truly, I appreciated the courtesy behind the call, because essentially it gave me the opportunity to flat out refuse to have her switch classes.    Easy out, right?

Not so fast.  There's more to the story.  (isn't there always?)

We have to switch her to Schedule B - so she will go Tuesday, Thursdays and the "other" alternate Fridays.
But.......I've booked ...our entire social calendar.   Which included doing special things on Tuesday and Thursdays when I am supposed to only have Zoo Zoo home.

It all has to be switched.  Vexing.  Indeed.
I was also told a letter explaining everything would be sent home with her.
No letter.
So, in a nutshell, I've switched the swim lessons,  changed some of our social activities and honestly.....I have no idea if I am supposed to put her on the bus tomorrow!
Because.....no letter.

Now I could have flat out refused.   Saved ourselves some scheduling hassles.  However, as much as I appreciated the courtesy call - the truth is, they don't need our permission.  The school can arrange classes as they see fit; without parental approval.   They knew I was a Stay at Home Mom and that I would not have to re-arrange day care days, or work times, etc.   And you know what?

They are right.
As vexing as it was, I am under no illusion that it was as hard as it might have been for a working mom.   We do have the luxury of kinda "rolling with the flow" here.   Saying no would have forced the school to just draw names - having someone say "sure", hopefully it eases the burden for someone else.

So there you go.  My good deed for the year. 
Done and Done.

 Other than that - it's actually been pretty smooth sailing.
And since I went to school and paid attention:  I know how to count my blessings.

Although, if I could go back to school, I think I'd want to be a Principal.

They have like, crazy power.


Tell me all about your Back To School joys and trials.
Or what you would study if you had the chance to go back to school.

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