It's a PA Day Monday here!
Honestly, could I post a more fitting song than "I Say A Little Prayer (for you)?"

I think not.
However, that would not be in keeping with this weeks' theme:

From one of our spotlight Dancer's "Becca": So how about songs from the year of your child's birth or if no children your pet is considered part of the family.
Or your favourite love song.

I have my own 3 little birdies home today, and another child I babysit from time to time.


There will be much in the way of children's music here today:  mostly of the Dora, Diego and Jake and the Neverland Pirates variety.

I will not subject you to that music.
You're welcome.

Listed: songs from the Billboard Year-End Hot 100 for each of my childrens' birth years.

Monkey Boy - 2004

How appropriate that this song was a hit the year my first child arrived, and "this love" took over my life:

Angel Girl - 2007

I can remember hearing this song constantly on the radio, and yet - probably due to brand new mommy brain (or possibly having never fully recovered from the first mommy brain), I could never remember the name of the song.  Or who sang it.   It was years until I finally learned what this "bubbly" tune was called.
 Irony - I don't get you.

Zoo Zoo - 2009

After the initial surprise, then all the complications I had while pregnant with Zoo Zoo, I feared she would never be mine.  Not to have and hold.   I listened to this song a lot during my 5 week hospital stay; and I was most happy when God answered my prayers:  "be of faith, she's yours."

Head conductor of the Love Train is Marie of XmasDolly & her co-conductors are the lovely: Callie of JAmericanSpice,  Stacy of Stacy Uncorked , Cathy Kennedy's Blog (me), and this month's honorary co-conductor, Rebecca of Everyday Life.

If music moves you too, head on over to YouTube and find your jam, than grab the button and come dance with us!

COMING UP NEXT:  Tuesday Coffee Chat - Back to School Edition.  How's it going now that kids are back into the school routine?   If you don't have school age kids, share what you would study if you could go back to school.