It's Autumn here in Canada.

I know this because I can no longer dash outside and put the kids on the bus in my flip flops.

A frost covered lawn and peek-a-boo toes should never meet.

The kids actually requested mittens the other day.   Which means I had to go into what I refer to as "the scary place" under my stairs and fetch several pairs from their summer resting place.  To my credit, they were cleaned before they were packed away.

A point against mom?
The kiddos were also dressed in shorts and t-shirts because they refused to wear long pants and coats.   It was 9 degrees Celsius outside (that's, holy crap put another long on the fire will ya, in American.)

You can't win them all folks.

 The Master of all Things Listed has requested a list of 10 Autumn Must Haves, thus besides the necessary construction hard hat to get into my "scary place", here are some other Fall essentials.

1.  It is absolutely a moral imperative that one must get a last trip to Wes Chip Truck before they close up shop for the season.   Yes, proper fries are a must.    And these are the best fries you'll ever have - I swear on it.   People come from all over the world to my little town just for these fries.

We still eat fries in's just more likely to be a proper poutine, in which case I do believe I am crossing me a border.   (And if you have to ask what poutine is, it is highly unlikely it is your border I am crossing. At ease.)

2.  Apples.   They are everywhere.   Both my mom and my MIL showed up with a bag of apples on the weekend.   I do love them, especially caramel for Halloween; but I am lousy with apples.  

Bake a pie.  Ha, you're funny. 
You don't come here often, do you?

3.   I am guessing I am not the only one who will include this most sacred of Fall traditions.  I've already had mine - how about you?

I highly recommend a slice of the pumpkin bread/cake to accompany your warm hug in a mug latte.

4.   Speaking of pumpkins, best get planning this year's design.
      Also, someone slap me please......I am outta my mind to keep punishing myself annually like this:

spider, cat and R2D2

 5.  As I mentioned early; the warmer outer gear must be dragged from the scary place and squeezed into the front entry closet.   Yes, alongside the summer jackets, fleece pullovers, sandals, and rain boats. 

Welcome to Canada:  where you can experience all 4 seasons in one day.

6.   Snow tires.   You.Just.Never.Know
      Ever played snow football at Thanksgiving?   I have. Plenty.
      I've also drank pumpkin beer on a back patio in short sleeves.

7.  Gobble-Gobble!   Canadian Thanksgiving is a week from today.    Someone remind me to buy a turkey.   Or, I could just catch one at our bus stop too.

 8.    Candles.  I don't know what it is about this time of year, but I am suddenly as obsessed as the squirrels run helter-skelter about my backyard hiding nuts.....that I do Not Have Enough Candles.
Tea lights, votive, 3 wicks, scented or unscented:  I am foraging like a crazed critter.

9.   Blankets.  Everywhere.   The couch, the chairs.....the car.  
      That's not a typo.     Everyone has their own blanket in the car.  (see #6)

10.  At first this must seem out of place, but I am told by the minions to ensure this is on the grocery list.  They cannot be forgotten -- just as they were not to be forgotten in the summer.  Although for different reasons.

What Autumn treasures got you all a-scattered and a-scurrying?