I've managed to crawl out from under the mountain of laundry.
All I can say is, "God Bless Tide".  That. Is. All.

Here's what was happening while I was gone.

Brace yourselves.
It's a photo extravaganza.

Oh my.....don't drink the Kool-Aid!

Zoo Zoo Cool

Site 1

Yes, that IS the oldest trailer you've ever seen.   And we were happy to have it.  Site 1.

If you have been reading the captions, you noticed the above pics are labelled "Site 1".
Which indicates clearly that we had more than 1 site during our stay.
Which indicates clearly that we packed up and moved our entire site during our stay.
Which indicates clearly that we are dumbsh*ts very brave like dat.

Site 2. 

it is much bigger though.
the beach/boat area.   There is a big sand beach.....I just didn't take a pic of it.  Blackberry's don't like sand.

My late uncle Merril, a long supporter of Bonnechere, built this canoe and rowed it down the Little Bonnechere River.  There is a picture of him, my dad and another uncle in the camp store.   

patiently waiting to catch woodland fairies.  Notice the bug catcher on Angel Girls' lap?   Good thing they didn't find Tinkerbell.

Monkey Boy beating daddy at checkers

And besides my children, there was all kinds of wildlife to be found.

keen spotting during a hike

little toad.  and thank you Wild Kratts for teaching about "habitat".  the girls did a pretty good job making a comfy home.

Big Toad.   and another habitat.   But we did release after an hour.  As the Kratt say "Free and in the Wild!"

our very cheeky and tame camp chipmunk. 

We named him peanut because...um, obvious.

I wasn't so crazy about this camp critter.   tent squatter that she was. 

some ducks crashed our family reunion party.   The kids had a blast feeding them about a hundred sausage buns.  Don't fret -- they were whole wheat.

Zoo Zoo waiting patiently outside the showers.  She would NOT go in to shower....because camp showers ARE scary y'all.

Be thankful my phone battery died midweek or this post might never end.
Or, we were just too busy having fun to stop and snap a pic.
Go with that.

 Happy Trails y'all.

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