I'm on vacation....again.
You hate me dontcha.

 But wait, I use the term "vacation" loosely.   As a SAHM, it simply means I am not presently at my house.  I am elsewhere; hence, holiday.

I am not alone.  The kids are here as well.
Left Brain is not.   Hence, doing it alone.

Holiday:  I think I am doing it wrong.

We are at my parents' house this week for some fun in my hometown.
I love showing my kids all the places I used to spend time during summer holidays.

There will be a visit to the farm.
There will be a boat ride tour of the 1,000 Islands.
There will be swimming at the local waterhole;  building with sand and splashing of waves.
(my fave day so far this summer was the 6 hours plus we spent at the beach while camping.  Time did appear to stand still -- and the sand castle was epic.  You'll have to trust me on that one.)

There will be wine.
I do believe I will get the hang of this holiday thing after-all.

warm wishes sign