A few more Awards have been passed along to Time Out For Mom.
First:  You're awesome!
Second:  thank ya kindly.

Let's get right to the first one.....I just know you are dying to know a little more about me.
Because I am always so incredible mysterious and tight lipped here on the blog  *side eye*

The wonderful Kerry at It's The Little Things, passed on the Liebster Award to me.   I  had received this award previously -- but since you can look over at that right side bar and see that I am holding at 199 followers.....I still qualify.

Seriously...throw me a bone people.  One or two more followers....that's all I need.  just a little something to get me over the hump.  I can stop whenever I want....honestly I can.

I digress.

I couldn't resist Kerry's questions:

1.  If you could be an Olympian for a day, what sport would you choose to compete in?
That's a very easy one:   volleyball.  preferably beach, but I''l take court too.  My fave sport.

2.  Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner...what is your fave meal?
     Snacks.   I don't like eating a big meal all in one sitting.  

3.  Are you an outdoors girl or an indoors girl?
I dragged 3 kids into the wilderness this summer.... nuff said?

4.  Name two places you'd love to travel to?
Um, mate!  Australia, duh!  :)
And New Zealand while I'm in the area.   Can I consider that one trip?
Well then, I am off to United Kingdom next. 
(see, I'm sneaky smart like that - this way I can include a tour or England, Ireland and Scotland all in one trip.)

5.  How many siblings do you have?
Blood - none.
Step - 5.  sort of.  it's complicated.  
and it doesn't always work, but we try.

6.  What movie would you star in if you could?
 Lord of the Rings would have been very cool.   
Plus, would have seen New Zealand.   (see, so smart am I.)

Basically, something fun, smart and very well written script.  I'd take good writing over good F/X.

7.  What is one thing on your bucket list if you have one?
get published.  

8.  What is the most adventurous you have been?
well, it involves sequins and a pole.   Do I have to elaborate?

How about we go with that time I climbed the side of a big cliff.   with no safety ropes.  with nothing but rocks and water below me.
actually, they're kinda the same thing.

9.  Are you afraid of anything?
  Shower curtains.   
Seriously....what's with the inappropriate touching?  Get off!

10.  What is your usual bedtime?
rarely before midnight.   and that is really bad and requires change, but I've been having trouble sleeping a lot this summer.

11.  What is your fave flavour of ice-cream?
Actually, I am not a big ice cream fan.   I like it....but unless it's a scorcher of a hot day, I could think of other treats I'd prefer.   But if your gonna make me eat it......Ben and Jerry's Half Baked please.

Since I have passed this one on before, I will refrain from nominating any blogs this time around.
Don't think I don't know that some of you are thanking me.

But do know, I think you all are utterly fabulous, and I appreciate all your visits and comment love!

 warm wishes sign