I'm gonna let you in on a little secret today.
You already know I LOVE music.  It feeds my soul.   It sweeps away the dust of life.

The heart pumping back beat of a funky bass. The toe tapping rhythm of a good back beat....or the heady rush of a drum solo. The gently, or defiantly plucked out notes of a guitar.

 Um, it's all good. That's no secret.

The secret is.... ....sometimes my music..??

It has a twang.
Ssshh.   Don't ruin my rocker girl image.
Just pretend you always knew the mom"me" when she used to rock and roll.


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Since I don't know that much about country music (s'sly, I don't, I swear it), I am going to stick with country acts I have actually seen live.

First, thanks to the annual CNE here in Canada:

Also, due to the local exhibition, but secretly.....I am still thrilled to death that I saw her.   I could listen to her forever.....just talk.    And OMG, I love, love, love this song still.

Saw this country rocker in concert in Ottawa with my high school boyfriend.   And I have to admit, still is one of the best concerts I ever saw.    Plus......he's just so cool.   Those swinging legs and toe tapping country boots.   Check out his guest acting spots on Wilfred too.

And finally, thanks to a surprise performance in a bar in London, Ontario....where I just happened to be drowning my sorrows in a bitter English ale after a rather tough University exam day: I saw this country wild boy.   He put on a pretty darn good show too.   I can't resist this song.

Okay, I guess I did miss one. 
I think I saw her at a small country fair way back before she hit it big.   but not sure.
Our greatest musical import.   Not sure how I fill about that, but she does seem pretty nice and mucks out her own stalls still, so that makes her dig okay in my books.    This song is actually from the Twister soundtrack.

There ya go y'all.
Shaming myself first thing on a Monday, and proving once again that even though ya take the girl out of the country, you can't get the country outta the girl.

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