It's the end to a whirlwind weekend of fun festivities!

 My head may still be spinning a bit from the extended ride on The Scrambler.   

More likely, I am still on a major sugar high from all the cotton candy I consumed while hiding in the bathroom from my children.

What?   I let them have the candy apples.   
Mother of the year right there.

Truth be known?
I also bought them all new toothbrushes.  

And fresh snap peas to shuck.

I said "shuck"

Apples and peas.   Balance of life.

I'm a very good mom.
Just agree with me:  I'll share some of my cotton candy stash.
I come by these fine-tuned parenting skills honestly.    And thanks to the great listicle ideas of Lisa, you will see why in this weeks List.  Thank you Sprog Mommy!


1.   You will notice right away that my title says "mom", and not "parents".   That's because I was basically raised by a single mom.  

She was a single parent.   I am normal.   High functioning even.  (stop laughing)
Do we even need to go any further?

2.    She took breaks when she needed it.  
Now some might frown on the fact that I was dropped off for a week or 2 at one of my aunts' or my grandparents farms, or my best friends' house.    Really, a week long sleepover at your BFF's doesn't sound, "like totally awesome dude", to you?    Or a week spent horseback riding or swimming at the cottage, or a weekend at the county fair with your cousins? 
Exactly.     Win- win for both of us.

3.  She let me try everything.    ballet, skiing, gymnastics, guitar, piano, figure skating, tap dancing, step dancing,  Brownies, Sparks, roller skating, sailing....  she never discouraged anything.   She let me decide what I would stick with.   And she also let me decide when it was time to quit. 
Life is a grand adventure.

4.  Friday nights = pizza, popcorn, Pepsi.....and Dukes of Hazard.   (and she was also good enough not to call me out on my fake sleeping through  Dallas.   I totally knew who shot J.R.)

Now, Friday's around here are movie/pizza night.   Traditions are important.

5.   She made me write my letters to our sponsored child in Mexico.    Charity starts at home.

6.  She took me to Sunday School.   And made me sit still in church; and listen.  Faith is important too.

7.    She taught me, above all --- manners matter people!   They.So.Do

8.    Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Easter........holidays are family.   And Fun.  And food.
Also, decorate EVERYTHING!     Share the joy!

9.    She wasn't my friend.    She said "No."  Often.   Which meant, there were probably many times we didn't like each other a lot.   Further proof she was doing the right thing.

10.   She loved me.   Even when I was a rotten brat.   And especially during those trying unlovable teen years.     She simply loved.
It may not sound like much to those who are going 10 rounds on the Internet over issues like breast-feeding vs. bottle, or co-sleeping, or crying it out, or discipline methods. 
Just shut up already.
Just love on your kids.   Every day.
It really will make all the difference.

By all accounts I should have ended up in therapy, or rehab.   But our home had Joy.   Our foundation was strong with Faith.   And I was surrounded in Love.   

So what if didn't get everything I wanted.
I  had everything I needed.
Mama made it so.

  warm wishes sign