I'm Back. 

I smell really bad.

My hair is a complete tangled mess.   And I don't think anyone will make a movie about it.

But that's how I know I had fun.
I've even managed a Tweet today!

HELP! A pile of laundry has fallen on me....and I can't get up.
For this weeks' list,  Bridget would like to know the 10 People I would invite To my dinner party.

I am very sorry.   My home is not in any condition to receive guests today.
Also, the only food here is whatever is currently buried under melting ice in the coolers.  Soggy wieners and mushed cheese do not a menu make.
And the beer is all gone.

(That's also how you know you had fun.)

Thus, since my previously scheduled (yes, that it is how I was here, when I wasn't here) posts were all about camping; and some of you were impressed with my mad camping skillz, I present:

10 Things More I Learned While Camping   

1.   Tent Trailer = gloried tent
      At least concerning ones dated era 1986.    Tip:  canvas does not remain leak proof that long.  Tarp that sucker.   You're welcome.

2.  Tarps.   Very handy to have while camping.    Especially if they are covering the areas you would like to remain dry.  Like where you sleep and eat......as opposed to the ground in between the 2 areas.    *eye roll in Left Brain's general direction*

3.  Picnic Table Cloth Fasteners =  fun game for toddler and mom.      You attach, she detaches and tosses into yon woods.   Repeat.  Good luck with that.

4.  Fire Bans =  you will endure 2 thunderstorms and still have no fire to get you warm and dry.  Also, S'mores over the BBQ, while still tasty, not quite the same thing.

5.  Laundry.   Is way more fun while camping than at home.    Items required:
 - dirty clothes  (no stinkin prob)
-  soap
-  fabric softener
-  stick of butter to remove pine sap (it works!)
several gossip mags intellectual book, iPod, snack
-  several other moms also "taking a break" while doing laundry with whom to discuss whether Rob should ditch that cheating vamps' a$$.     (decision = unanimous)

Aside:   although, if you should walk back to your campsite to get another snack and the dryer should stop during your brief absence, is it acceptable for another person to remove your clothes and take over the dryer?   Especially if it is very, very and by that I mean, dripping clear they are not yet dry?
Please advise.   I may have missed the opportunity for a good throat punch.

6.   Wine 'O' Clock -- Be advised:  Toddlers off their normal routine have a daily scheduled time for this too.   Bring extra.   Wine that is.  Not toddlers.

7.   If your 7 year old son eats Doritos, licorice, hot dogs, pasta salad, popcorn, 1 cheese string, 1 piece of cauliflower, and washes it all down with Grape Crush -- he will puke in your tent trailer at 3 am.

Yes - you can see perfectly well by flashlight exactly what he ate.  
Sorry about that visual - be thankful you were not there.

8.   Lighting a vanilla scented candle will not omit the stench of puke.  You simply create vanilla scented barf, with the subtle undertones of Doritos, Grape Crush, popcorn, ....aw heck...see list above.   I'm dry heaving just remembering......

9.   Husbands who do barf clean up duty == worth their weight in gold.  Truth.

Also, you can never have enough cheap towels you are willing to just throw away.  Ever.

10.   Goldfish make super duper pets.  True, they don't do too much; but they have been known to survive 10 days without any fish food.   Fact.   
(sorry lil guys.)

I do apologize for being a rule breaker this week, but it will take me a bit of time to get back in the blogging game.    Do know I have missed you all - and I so appreciate that many of you still visited while I was gone.   Looking forward to catching up with all of you!

For the record, I did not check my blog even ONCE while camping.  I did send out a few tweets one night, while waiting on aforementioned vanilla candle to work it's non-magic, but other that that, I survived 10 days Unplugged!     Yay me.

Left Brain on the other hand......was charging his Blackberry in the car each day and pretty much couldn't put the thing down.    Yeah, yeah I know; Google weather was most beneficial in letting us know when a storm was rolling in.   Too bad it didn't include tarp tips.  *eye roll*

Oh sure....who can stop whenever they want? 

How long could you go unplugged?
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