Above the high pitched, shrill voices drifting from my backyard, the piercing shards of my own thoughts run a-muck like an abandoned jack-hammer.

I am wondering, what kind of world would it be, if men who had important jobs, also had the courage, or the right even, to speak up and say, "I have a son, who is also important, and I promised to spend the day with him, so I cannot drop everything I have planned and come into work."

 But of course, that job is important and necessary because other men - men with hatred in their hearts and guns in their hands - also have important things in their life.   Like stolen goods crowding their storage compartments, and drugs, and a girl-friend who needs a lesson taught.    Those things don't just take care of themselves ya know.

And of course, it's very, very important to not get caught.
By the other men, with the other important job.  And badges.   And guns (although, most of them will hesitate before shooting, whereas the other guy has much more at stake, and thus it is very important to shoot first.)

And honestly, do you expect them to sit in a cell, or put all their important activities on the back burner, while waiting for a timely court date just because you want to play with your son?   Do you know how quickly the street value of a dime bag deteriorates if left unsold?    Honestly, only the most desperate, down-and-out junkie, hooker, or desperate housewife will buy that sh$t.     Seriously, where are your priorities?   Pig.

And so he goes.
Because time is of the essence.
A packed court waits for no man......except the one in the accused seat.    He's most important.
After all, he might sue the government for making him wait.    All those lost opportunities that passed him by while those who decided his fate were busy with more important things.
Like a day off to spend with family.

Or he could go free.
Do you want to have that on our your conscience while helping your son build Legos?

No.  You simply can't keep a man like that waiting.
Thus, society (you know, the very one he choose to wrong) will move quickly when dealing with such men.
There are just so very many of them waiting for their day in court.   Surely you understand that it is selfish of you to expect them to wait until your day off is finished.    Our court system schedule is packed and you must do your duty.  
Your family will still be there when your duty is done.
(actually.....no. Not in 86% of cop's families they won't.   A high divorce rate is not as important as the amount of grievances filed for over-long court dates.)

Because you do know right?
If you wronged him --- he'd surely deal quickly with you.
Street cred is much more  important than integrity.   Or family values.

I  type this while my son plays with his Lego - alone - and patiently waits for his father to return.
And I dream of a world where someone, someone Please! - has the mad courage to stand up and yell, "No!  This is wrong and I don't accept it!  A change is gonna come!"

And I wonder:   if my 7 year old son can understand that daddy has something important to do and must go, why Mr. Criminal, supposedly older and wiser, can you not?
My name is Rory.   I am a cop's wife.
And this is my rant.

And you Mr. Criminal..... you have BIG timeout if I was in charge.

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