Today is my 9th Wedding Anniversary!

Pretty sure there should be some kind of award for staying married that long these days.

S'sly.  And sadly.   Several couples that got married around the same time as us, have already called it quits.

The number 9 may just be the secret to a successful marital journey. takes a good Fellowship surrounding you to share the smiles and ease the burdens.

No, we are not getting matching Elvish script tattoos.
Although, that would be totally cool.   (and between you and me, I think Left Brain is a little nervous about needles.  sssh though.....don't wanna ruin that tough guy image he's got going for him.)

You know, I think the secret to staying married, besides making each other laugh, strong communication, respect, and love....blah, blah, blah.....can be summed up quite effectively in how he still brings me that first morning cup of coffee.

Surely, any guy who knows just how you like it -----

----- that one's a keeper!

Happy Anniversary baby!

I still do, and so glad you do too.

I missed my Monday's Music Moves Me meme, so here's a song especially for my Left Brain.....I remember actually having the 45 of this song years ago.   Sometimes I wish the things of old never went away.  *sigh*

 warm wishes sign