Some of my best childhood memories unfolded around a campfire.

Whether I was with my own family, or Brownie/Girl Guides, camping was a much looked forward to adventure.

As I became older, the tradition of camping has remained.   Locations and companions have changed over the years.   And now it is my own family I trek into the wild with me.    Yes, some things have changed.

Ah, but the stories......the stories remain.

Here is one of my faves. 
This Story has scary parts.    And can be very suspenseful if you ham it up.

At the end of a long, dark road is a long, dark path.

At the end of the long, dark path is a lone, dark house.

And the lone, dark house has a single, dark door.

Behind the single, dark door is a long, dark hall.

At the end of the long, dark hall are some tall, dark stairs.

At the top of the tall, dark stairs is a long dark balcony.

At the end of the long, dark balcony is a big dark room.

In the big, dark room is a big, dark closet.

In the big, dark closet is a big, dark door.

Behind the big, dark door are some steep, dark stairs.

At the top of the steep, dark stairs is a dark, dusty attic.

In the dark, dusty attic is a big, dark chest.

In the big, dark chest is a small, dark box.

And in the small, dark box is .....

...........a pink jellybean! (shout!)

If you decide to tell this story around the campfire to your children, I highly recommend producing said pink jellybean.    Or let the traditional S'mores feast begin!

And I know most of you probably reach for the Hershey's chocolate bar.......but in case you are wondering,  Jersey Milk is the best chocolate for S'mores.
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Do you have a favourite spooky tale?

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