I'm so excited.

And I just can't hide it.

Imma about to lose control.....
                                                .....or, maybe just sleep in a few extra hours.

Probably that.

 But the other would be fun too.

 Today is the first day of Left Brains' holidays.

Hey Jennifer.....that means 3 weeks of #summerslackers for this mama!

 If that's not something to be happy about......well, I don't understand the concept at all.

Still no rain, but I can finally take a deep breath without coughing up a lung.     I really did need that extra sleep.    Honestly, I do try to make an effort to entertain the minions; even when I feel less than swell.

Proof we have been busy:

baking cookies!

 And perhaps Sharing Maybe?
(pretty sure my kids are responsible for approx. 2, 904 of the 6 million views)

I'm rather parital to this one:

If that didn't make you happy:  sorry, but I can't help you.

Front yard picnics

Beach days with grandma

I mean, I know I have been sick and a bit slack, but they sure seem happy to me:

Even the littlest Zoo in Zooville!

"That is the cookie you wanna gimme."  (Toddler Jedi Mind Tricks)
As for me, when it's so so hot, one of my fave things is to dig down to find that cool sand and stick your toes in it.    It really is the little things.

Although, a pedicure would make me feel pretty happy too.
Just saying man who doesn't have to go to work tomorrow  Left Brain.

Oh, and I saw a giant bear!
Good day right there.

I stole his Coca-Cola and ran.  *side eye*

I do know that I am behind in visiting your blogs, but as you saw, grandma was here and she made me (stop laughing) sit on the back deck and drink wine and talk, talk, talk in the evenings......(and where exactly was that mom when I was 19??!!)......so I didn't get around the blogosphere much this week.

I will make it up to you.    Expect much comment love this weekend ;)

And that right there.....makes me pretty happy too.

I've missed y'all!

What makes your TGIF happy?

 warm wishes sign