I am not here.

I am here:

I am where the wild things are, and where social media is not.

 cut off from all things techie, although this is not a bad idea since there is currently a fire ban.
Cause Satan shared his damned weather with us for 3 straight weeks.


Last trip a bear visited our campfire.   That was kinda scary fun.
I'm convinced he just wanted some Doritos and a cold beer.

So, I'll be backing Pringles and wine this year.
It's good to be prepared like that.    Ya gotta outsmart the wildlife if you want to be the outdoorsy type.

Hopefully I am relaxing beach side, or splashing in the water with the kids, or watching them explore the wild woods surrounding us....

..and not climbing a tree in desperation to find a couple of bars on Left Brain's Blackberry so I can send "just one tweet.  just one I swear and then I'll eat a hot dog and sing campfire songs!"

Betting I will have some great stories to tell upon my return, so have the smore fixins ready and keep the fires burning!

 warm wishes sign