Happy Canada Day! 

 Flying my colours proudly today!
Even my toenails are red.

(I own nothing red but a push up bra and a pair of valentine socks.   thinking that is not the look a SAHM over......35....should celebrate any birthday in.)

Yeah, yeah.....those are the Christmas lights still dangling from the eaves.
 All I cay say on that one...... It's Not My Fault.

Oh look over there.......even my garden is in the Canadian birthday spirit:

 Left Brain is on the night shift again.   I have no idea what me and the kids will be up to today.    I am kinda winging it to tell you truth.

3 children.   hot summer.  crowded park.   no nap for toddler.   fireworks start at 9:45 pm

Really, what could go wrong?
 warm wishes sign