As you may know, we've been a sick household for the past couple of weeks.

Also, we are in the middle of a heat wave that has reached higher temperatures than I can ever remember.   Like, I think we may have moved to Arizona, maybe Austin.....or hell. 

I've had Popsicles for breakfast; and I liked it.

There has been no rain in over 2 weeks.   Grass fires, yeah - that shite is for realz!

Then, just before Monkey Boy's soccer game tonight, we watched with anticipation, our lungs desperately trying to suck in the heavy, dry air that hung over us, as a thunder storm passed us by.
There were dark clouds.   We could hear the thunder.  The humidity even lifted......for about 4.7 minutes.

But not a single drop fell.

And it's so hot.   So hot that despite being in a cooler of ice packs:   all the Popsicles for tonight's soccer snack melted.    There were tears, I won't lie.
But, I'll be alright.   I have freezies at home.

So, to recap:   I am hot, I am sick, I am tired.
That is all.

 I need to laugh.   And have a nap.   Hmmmm.......pretty sure there is a pin for that!

Source: via Leslie on Pinterest

If one laugh is good for what ails you......why stop there!

Oh, how much do I love this one?!   Appeals to both the mom and the sci-fi geek in me!

And because I have watched 2 of his movies while gulping down honey laced chamomile tea this past weekend (Drive and Crazy, Stupid, Love -- which I loved, loved, loved!!)

One does have to be careful of what can be found on the Internet. 
Have we become too trusting?  I don't know.....

Remember, no matter how hot, sticky, or if you are very lucky - stormy,  things get, remain calm.... and keep smiling!

 warm wishes sign