Ever notice that the time leading up to a vacation is so busy.....you are too tired for your vacation?

I got shopping, cleaning, laundry, sorting, packing, battery replacement (easy... flashlights people, flashlights!).....and so much to do I can't even think straight as to where to even start.

Funny, I remember it being a lot less work when I was younger.  

Left Brain has been busy making sure our front yard looks properly Redneck:


Not a picture of ours, but pretty darn close.  But we are lucky to have it, since no rain for 4 weeks means it will rain our entire camping trip.   Thus,  I am eternally grateful to the family who have graciously allowed us to borrow it.

I'll spare you the actual photo which also shows the play toys strewn all over our brown, dead grass.

So, Left Brain has been messing around with the indicator lights all day.   Had to call in a friend to help him.
(don't they always need to call a friend, but never an expert?)  

A friend that arrived with his 3 children.  If you are the mathematical sort - and have I mentioned how much I hate math? -- that now makes 6 children that I am responsible to watch.    Luckily, they  play very well together, but it also means:  I got nothing done today.   At all.

So 4 hours of standing around talking and scratching their heads messing with the lights.   Yep, still don't work.  

So, again with the math: 

10 hours of available sunlight (approx.)
+ a mile long to-do list
+  6 children
+  2 well stocked tool boxes
/  2 men who know nothing about trailer lights  
(don't forget to carry the 1 nosey neighbour assisting)

=  ?

Yeah, I got a big fat nothing too.   Which is why tonight, instead of doing said laundry, I am drinking wine and blogging.

Meh.   We'll be camping.  How much clean clothes do you need really?

Soon, we will be here - snuggling close to Nature and living wild:

Paddling Along The Bonnechere
campsites are along the Bonnechere River

Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, 
once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. None of Nature's landscapes are ugly so long as they are wild.

John Muir, Our National Parks, 1901
US (Scottish-born) conservationist & naturalist (1838 - 1914)

Take time this summer to roam the wilds, and you'll be sure to remember:  you were wild here once upon a time.
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