One of my favourite quotes from one of Canada's most beloved leaders:

Our hopes are high. Our faith in the people is great. 
Our courage is strong. And our dreams for this beautiful country will never die.
- Pierre Trudeau

I hope my fellow Canadians had a very happy and safe Canada holiday.    We had such fun at our local park and then at the fireworks much, much later that night.    Zoo Zoo covered her eyes and laid down because they were very loud.   But no worries.....her sleepy snores were soon heard above the booming din.  

I am rushing to get this post in while I still have Internet access.   After several hours of conversation with the lovely Miguel --  most likely from Toronto, ya think?  *side eye*, we determined that the problem may have been our brand new as of 3 months ago  modem.   So we switched back to the old standard issue from a phone company, the inventor really, that will remain unnamed our service provider.     Thus, I have Internet access via my computer, but our laptop, Blackberry and ereaders have been rendered obsolete because the wireless signal is so have to sit at the computer desk beside the modem to get a fair signal.  

Le Sigh.  

Also, my throat is all scratchy and sore, so clearly a cold is knocking at the door, and some chamomile tea would be super awesome and lovely.......and wait for it: Keurig just went up in a puff of steam so hot it melted the kcup!

This day hates me.

So, since I have no caffeine in the house it is already late and I am clearly unwell, it will take me a couple of days to get caught up with your blogs, tweets, pins, likes, and insta pics.    I'd get there faster but, I did mention the no caffeine in the house part, right?

Oh wait!   Left Brain found a packet of NeoCitran!  
And just like that, with a bit of hope, faith, courage.....and enough sugar to send me into a coma, the blogging dream is still alive!

Perky me on a medicinal induced sugar bad could it be?

 warm wishes sign