If you are a fellow twat following me on the Twit, than you would have seen me chirping about my over all laziness today.  

 It may be trending.
The laziness that is.   Not me personally.    I no trend, comprendez?

 Although, the hashtag #summerslackers that Jenn at Just Jennifer created might just start trending if I/we have anything to say about it.

 I like my odds.


Anyway, lately,  Mondays are not just about Making Lists, they are also about making sweet music.

And if a good jam doesn't get my butt moving; nothing will!

Marie from Xmas Dolly is head conductor of the Love Train. To make sure things run smoothly, she has enlisted a few co-conductors: Lorie of The Shewbridges of Central Florida,  Callie of JAmericanSpice,  Stacy of Stacy Uncorked , and Cathy Kennedy's Blog. This month's honorary co-conductor is: Larry from CakeBlast  Let's get this dance party started, shall we? This week's theme is "Freebie pick - songs of your choices".

I cannot tell a lie, this song gets me moving.   Not sure where I first heard it, but I can't stop listening:

I may have shamed myself Just There.

Another one that jams itself in my head, but I cannot resist.
File under, "Wait...what?"

Finally, I absolutely love it when a great film also has a great soundtrack.   Such was the case with the Ryan Gosling film "Drive" that I watched last night.    Love this song.

So if you are feeling like it's a slow train pulling out of the station today......find some good beats and dance on full steam ahead.

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