A Listicles to Remember and to Forget

(damn you Spell Check...for the last time it IS listicles, not testicles.  how many times do we gotta go over this?)

As inspired by  this list created  by the gone-too-soon Nora Ephron.

And I am sorry, but if When Harry Met Sally is not one of your most favourite movies.....we just can't be friends.  

10 Things I Won't Miss:

1.  traffic.   aye, what was wrong with horseback anyway?

2.  fame whores.      How to know if you are one:  you'll go to the opening of a paper bag. 
                                 Get off my TV and outta my grocery aisle.

3.  Little Miss Judgie Pants.   yes, you over there giving me the stink eye because I let my kids eat at MacDonald's every now and then.     Or Fruit Loops.  Or drink chocolate milk.     Manners matter, so mind your own plate.

4. Politics/politicians.     Sorry......I'm holding out for a real hero.

5.  Terminal pollution - whether it affects our planet, our bodies/minds, or our relations.

6.  spotty Internet service.  *eye roll*  
    As you can see, I am back and with my shiny new modem, hopefully to stay.

7.  Whining.

8.  Tattling.   can usually be found toddling along side #7.

9.  Anything sticky.   I'm always sticky --- when did that happen?

10.  Indifference.   Love's true opposite.

10 Things I will Miss:

1.  Music  -  I'll say it again, it sweeps away the dust of life!

2.  Books/Poetry

3.  Movies/Theatre     The Play is the thing.

4.  Art     

Should I have just mentioned that yes, as a matter of fact I do believe the Arts are an important and vital part of our collective human connection?  

5. raspberries right off the bush  (or apples from the tress, snap peas, green beans and carrots right from the ground)
    I'll miss FRESH

6.   LOL.    meaning, if you type it - you must do it...or again, we can't be friends.

7.   the lively newness of the dawn and the quiet still of the night
      (they go together to form 1 day.....so that technically is one thing.  it's my list and I say so.)

8.   Touch  - Interpret as you may ;)

9.   Nature.    The wind in the leaves, the scent of the rose, the sun on the horizon, the dance of the tides, and the kiss of a salty sea spray. 

10. Adventure..... because to simply Live, or if you will, to Live Simply, is the grandest one of all.

You notice I did not say family or friends.   That's because they represent Love...and I'd really like to believe that we take that with us.   Some things just can't  be left behind, but remain in our hearts forever.

What could you leave behind, and what could you not bare to lose?

 warm wishes sign