My friend Cathy over at Cathy Kennedy's Blog asks, "What's tickling your funny bone?"

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Yes, I know it's Saturday, and technically she asked the question yesterday, but it's very hot out and then there was the whole Neo Citran dream like reality I was swimming in, and then a technical glitch I guess, and...., so yeah, no matter.   anytime is a good time for a laugh, right?

Laughter is the best medicine.....if you can only get the kids to take it without a battle.  *side eye*

So, since I got a house full of whiny kids:  2 who are sick, 1 who is sick and just dropped a 15 pound weight on her big toe, and a hubby who desperately needs a Tour de France fix but the whiny toddler just wants Dora on repeat all day, well there is only one thing I need to know:

Do you know who to ask for help when you don't know which way to go?

I do.    YouTube is my map!
And if you had to endure countless Dora viewings, I think you'll get a chuckle over this more grown up version.
(sorry about the ad, couldn't find a "clean" version)

There, we did it!
Now, don't we all feel a little better?
If you've got something that made you LOL, hop on over to Cathy's and share it.

Keep smiling dear readers.   No matter what.

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