It's almost time.

They'll be here soon.


All day.


The whole Summer.


Oh me now!

 They, of course, are much more excited than me.

My excitement can be measured quite effectively by the quantity and size of the bottles of bubble solution I have stock-piled.

Kids love bubbles.   Hours of time lost right there.

And sidewalk chalk.   You can never, ever have enough large chalk.

Although, I am questioning the rather large bottle of water balloons just waiting to be painstakingly filled and enjoyed on a hot summer day.    Last time we embarked on such an adventure; it took me over an hour to fill 40 water balloons --- and the fun lasted 30 seconds.    Followed by cries and tantrums for more water balloons.

Thinking that is not the best use of my time management right there.

I turned the hose on them instead.
I may have enjoyed it a bit too much.

Author's Note:  To my dear albeit unfortunate neighbours who had to endure the sight of my 3 children running naked around the front yard; very sorry.   And no, sorry, we have no immediate plans to move.   You?

We will also be enjoying 8 days amongst the flora and fauna and bugs and torrential downpour if history repeats itself in one of Ontario's beautiful provincial parks.  
Ok - you got me on that one.   I do love the Starlight Hotel best.   Nothing erases a hard day better than a bonfire and a cold beer, with the sounds of the crickets and the wind rustling the tree leaves overhead.....and the contented exhausted snores of 3 children cozy in the tent: the perfect soundtrack to a summer's evening.

So there you have it.   Last Week we indulged in a summer of fantasy.   This week?

The cold hard slap that makes me Reality's B$tch.  

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams?   Meet beer and pretzel budget.

Although, in a perfect world:  you would have a little of both.

Now that school's out:  what kind of trouble will you be up to?

NOTE:   This will be the last Coffee Chat for the summer!  Because.....well, you did read this post right?   Until September, I will be busy, busy, busy.....and buried with children.  

 warm wishes sign