Happy Tuesday!
I've been beating the crap out of my coffee maker again.
It doesn't feel good anymore.   Is that a bad sign?

Well, I hope your java luck flows much better than mine and today finds you with a hot cuppa -- because it is time once again for Tuesday Coffee Chat.

 And this week is pretty exciting - well for a stay at home mom it's pretty darn exciting (we do get out much....just not for anything alone.  or fun.)

If money and time were no option -- What is your dream summer vacation?

As most of you are aware, I am in the process of getting Mom Fit again, and I fear I might have been a tad too enthusiastic with the Zumba tonight.

In a nutshell:  I ache.   I long for bath and bed tonight.    So will try to make this as short and sweet as possible.

And Left Brain is home after working nights.   And thus, I think it's a pretty good bet he um... aches too; and longs for bath and bed.    Little does he know it will cost him one helluva good back massage.   

If you are a betting person too..... I'd like to know the odds on my general level of alertness after said massage and hot bath.    I am thinking I will go with the house always wins on this one ;)

Anyhoo....that may have been some TMI, but as I said, I am tired, in mild pain and could only squeeze out half a glass of wine.     So before the goblet is drained without further adieu, here is where my new win fall of moo la is taking me:

Well, first, the minions insisted on having some input, since in their cute innocence they believe this house operates on democracy.   Crazy kids these days.   Here is their pick:

The Great Wolf Lodge - Niagara Falls, Ontario CANADA

100,000 square feet of indoor water park and splashing fun!!   (there are outdoor pools too.)

the rooms are pretty amazing too!

Plus, they offer a Cub Club, Pups at Play and In Room Cub Care as well.
Wait....what?   babysitting?
well played kiddos.

Of course, the cream of the top of kids vacations --- oh, they cannot resist the siren song of It's A Small World After all, can they?!


I confess, I would LOVE LOVE to take them here.   It would be the ultimate family vacation, no doubt.   I think I was 12 when I went.  
Sorry kiddos......you probably will be too.   Because it will take us that long to save the money.
But since this is fantasy......I'll let you dream awhile.

And you're done now wee ones.   Get to bed.   Mama and daddy got some inheritance spending Google searching to do.    Mexico,  Hawaii,  Europe, Alaskan Cruise.   All awesome ideas.  All ka-ching.  But I also said "time was no barrier" too.   And thus, the final answer:

Book us on the New Zealand Explorer 2012 please!

24- 26 days, unescorted, from Melbourne to Sydney to Auckland, Wellington, and other areas, and ending in Fiji.    Sorry kiddos - that's way too  much excitement for you!   Have fun with Grandma and Grandpa.  

THAT is just AWESOME! 

Naturally, we will find time for a little side tour -- the good lil groupies that we are:

Hobbiton is a REAL PLACE y'all!! 


So there is mine and Left Brain's dream vacation.
And our 10th anniversary is August 2013.

Do I install that Donate button now?  ;)

So, where are you going?

warm wishes sign