Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Coffee Chat.

It was a busy weekend enjoyed in the sun, water and around bonfires -- which also, sadly, means I have not been as good about reading all the blogs I love lately.   Please understand, this is Canada -- when the sun warms the great outdoors: we get our butts outside and enjoy!

So I am/will be a bit slower making my normal rounds while the weather is fair.   Do know I still think of ya...and smile :)

Too sappy?

Sorry - but that is our topic today.
Thus, without adieu, here is What I am Loving lately.

 First of all......as I have already mentioned being Canadian,  this post is getting in just under the wire because I had to stay up late and witness something that has not happened in.....I think it's 45 years?

Oh yes, I am Canadian, but I am loving THIS:

 Congratulations to first time ever Stanley Cup Champs the LA Kings!

And not just because Monsieur Brodeur has already won enough cups and should spread the joy around, or because it is super fun picking out all the celebrities behind the glass; or following their live game tweets:

click to enlarge

Yeah, that's just me and you know, Ponyboy, trading puck talk during the game :)
Or, if you are up to date it is, Yes Sir Officer Dewey.     Either way, LUVS!

 Ok, so that is kind of fun.   And seriously Marty....you gots some already!

Great way of discovering new music

Also, as most of you frequent visitors (and thank you kindly by the way) are aware; I love music. 

There simply must be music - always.  

Wanna know my latest jam?    Then sign up HERE - it's free!:

Waiting for me to say I am loving my workouts?

Still waiting?

*insert Jeopardy theme here*

Um yeah.   I don't know that anyone actually loves being immersed in the Battle of the Post Baby Bulge.    But I do have a very cool word for you:   ZUMBA!!!

Gotta say....it does kinda make sweating fun!    Just do your own Google search. 
No - not from the couch!    There's no sitting in Zumba!   

However, I do think once the first tough couple of weeks of exercising is under my belt, I may start actually smiling during a workout.    Or, when I finally put the skinny jeans on.    Probably that.
And I don't care if it is 100 frickin hellish degrees outside -- I'll where them on principle!!

Shouldn't be a problem.   I am committed.  Focused.   Determined.

And completely avoiding the mother of all menus..........Pinterest!
Brazen web hussy teasing me like this:

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 See something ya love?   Find it On My "Yum" Board

So, I am curious........What are ya lovin' right now?

Next Week:     If time and money were no matter  (we'll call it the Fantasy Chat Edition) ---- where would you spend your summer vacation?    What would you do? 
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