Welcome to another edition of Rory's Coffee Chat! 

I hope you all enjoyed your trips down Memory Lane last week.    I sure enjoyed reading them!

This week I am chatting about another journey.   A much different kind of journey.   It has proven to be a long and winding and tedious road.

Let's just call it what it truly is:    How Rory got her A$$ back.

And her thighs, and her biceps and her......holy crap, ankles.
(still waiting for the flat tummy to check in......"Oh, paging missing abs?  Please Check in with the receptionist conveniently located by the veggie tray."

Don't even get me started on the Boobies.
Don't get me wrong: they don't hang low, wobble to and fro, and I can't tie them in a knot or throw them over my shoulder, or anything like that;   but they don't exactly salute the sun anymore either.  Breast is probably best for babe......but it is no beauty treatment for mama!

Left Brain has offered to walk behind me and hold them up.    Swell guy isn't he?    The sacrifices he makes, I tell ya - it warms my heart.

I don't think it's a shocking truth to those of us "in the know":   having babies is hard on a body y'all!

I stopped by a birthday party that Angel Girl attended on the weekend because they had rum punch the Princess's Aurora and Rapunzel doing spa treatments.    I had gone to church (yes, and then drank rum punch - deal) early that morning, so I thought I was looking pretty nicely put together.

4 people asked when I was due.

I am deflated.
Well, actually no.....I guess technically I am not deflated, but instead so inflated I appear at least 5 months pregnant.   And I thought that nice cashier was just being helpful when she put my grocery bags in the cart.   *eye roll*

And here's the rub:   I have been working out!!   I've been working my Canadian flag clad butt off!!

Just look at my YouTube channel favourites!!
Loaded with exercise videos.   And I am actually doing them.   
(Ignore the Lego videos.....Monkey Boy has tried to take over the Tube.)

I do think I see a difference in my legs, butts, thighs  (good thing for you burpees inventor!!), but the tummy....... I fear it is beyond repair.    If anything, it seems to be getting bigger!!  WT Hey!?

And no, not pregnant.   I believe I have applauded my OB's splendid knot tying ability before.

 So....what to do?   Give up?  Stay in the house.....like forever?    Wear a sign?


Well, heck to the NO!  
I am not giving up.   I am certainly not going to hide....although the shirt is pretty darn tempting.
But I also sure don't have the $9,000.00  handy that someone I know just spent on a tummy tuck, lipo and other treatments.     And the real kicker is she did all that because she has the same problem I have.

Diastasis recti (info here)

 AKA as an abdominal separation.   In my case, between 3 and 4 inches.     And basically, it is what causes that lovely protruding tummy that people love to pat.     Thus, until that is corrected/fixed, it doesn't really matter how much the rest of me shrinks -- that tummy will always stick out.

The problem is that exercise often cannot fix it.  Crunches, I have now learned the hard way, only make it worse.  And bigger.    I swear, some days - I feel like an alien is going to pop out of there screaming:   "stop patting and rubbing me head people!"

I may also require surgery - especially if my suspicions of a hernia also existing are true.

Why so vain?  Well, it's not just about vanity and avoiding really uncomfortable social situations of people trying to convince me that I don't look fat -- I look pregnant.   It's a simple formula folks:

weak or non-existent core strength =  some really bad aching back muscles

So a doctor's visit is in order to determine the extent of the separation, and whether exercise/diet can repair the damage.    If not, than I guess surgery it is.    But until then, you will continue to find me on You Tube sweating to whatever I can find to get me motivated To Keep Moving!

Thankfully, I am not alone on this journey.    There is a big wonderful community of support out there.   Other Real Moms who have beat the battle of the post baby bulge and are sharing their stories of how they got Mom Fit again.

Would you like to hear about them?   Then I highly recommend this book (click to enlarge):

You may have noticed the scrolling image for Dustin's website on my News Heading in the sidebar.
Go ahead -- check him out.  He's super nice.   and Super Smart about fitness.  Winning!

I have been reading this book and following his advice and all I can say is WOW.    Some amazing changes.  Maybe not so much weight loss just yet, thanks to the alien protrusion....but my attitudes towards working out have become more positive.    And I kid you not -- I think that is a very crucial and important first step.    Also, the wealth of information I now have at my fingertips about nutrition and exercise is so helpful.   Cannot believe I was doing so many things wrong.  Cannot believe I do NOT have to subject myself to  hours of cardio (blah) to get back in shape.    Cannot believe I love lifting weights.  

But the most amazing thing is Dustin is the one who finally convinced me that "I deserve the best for me!"   It is not me being selfish -- it is me wanting to be my best, so that I can be at my best for others.   I love his philosophy of helping moms because it SO impacts the next generation.   And isn't that our biggest wish as moms?   Healthy and happy children?  Well then, it must start with us.

The second thing I love about Dustin's book is that it contains the testimonies from women - moms - who have completed his program.  These are REAL WOMEN -- from all different backgrounds, ages, fitness levels....and they have achieved some pretty amazing transformations.   Real transformations.  Not everyone can get down to a Size 2.  I love that the book also celebrates the woman who went from size 20 to size 12 - and is feeling strong and healthy.   It does not promote "skinny" -- in fact, Dustin mentions that sometimes skinny is not necessarily healthy.    Love that.

When I feel like giving up, I open the book and pick a testimony -- or just read some of Dustin's encouraging words again to stir up motivation.   It always works.   Too tired, my back hurts, there's no use until I exorcise tummy alien:  all excuses fade away.

It's time to get my sexy mom back.  It's time to feel good again.   And nothing wrong with looking good either.    As Dustin says, it really is so simple......Keep Moving!

I will be sharing more from Dustin's book as my journey continues, but for now, I would like to encourage You!    Whether you are currently super fit, or just getting your groove back, or stuck like glue to the couch -- just pick one goal today.  Just one goal - no matter how small, and Do It.    I started off with increasing my water intake.  That's all I could commit to.   But I did it - and then I added another goal.   And I will keep adding them.....because being Fit shouldn't just be about getting back into those old skinny jeans.  

It should be for Life.

What fitness or nutrition goal would you set today?

warm wishes sign