Mixing things up a bit this Friday.

And no I didn't mean in glass or cocktail shaker or anything like that...although, um...wait.  Be back in a jiff.

 Ah, yeah. No worries.  Just checked on the children, that's all.    Yes, that.

Oh that clinking sound....nothing at all.  Just the keys as I type.
Oh, dear.   Excuse me and where was I?

 Oh yes, mixing things up.   It's good to do that every now and then.   Especially with pineapple juice and coconut milk.   Wait....I have no idea what that means.   S'sly.

Well, this kind of air-brained giddiness can only mean one thing:

This would be my first time linking up with the awesomeness that is Just Jennifer

And why on earth that is, since Who Doesn't Want To Get Their Happy On!!   duh.

So to keep it short and simple, and because it's almost midnight which of course would render this post obsolete:    What's better to share than happiness?

This, right here, that I scramble to make happen 3 frickin lovely nights per week, is done for the weekend:

I am not a great, or happy soccer mom every night.

This kind of cuteness makes me pretty happy.  (click to enlarge)

Cheap McDees' toys lost by the time we arrive home...not so much.    Don't cry kiddos.....there's only about 7,282 of them around here someplace.    Really....go find them.

And finally, something for mama......in keeping with this blogs namesake.

A day at the hair salon!!  Now what makes a girl scream "TGIF - Bring it!"  more than that.
Why... some fabulous highlights that cover up all that gray  totally bring out your eyes, of course.

 I know, it seems kinda vain.   And so sorry for the pj top...er, I mean, I had just totally finished doing yoga.   It's so relaxing before bed you know.   And that makes me happy too.

But people.....it's been like, seriously.....3 long years since I had my hair professionally done.
3 years!

And look at that colour!

If that's not something to raise a glass cheer about on a Friday night, I don't know what is.

Got something happy bursting inside you?   C'mon, head to Jennifer's and let it out!
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