The Sun is shining, high of 34 degrees predicted today!
34!!!   In 10 am.
This will be the longest day of summer - *side eye*

Sorry to non Celsius's too hot to do the conversion to Fahrenheit.   Even my keyboard is hot and sticky.

Or that might be the lemonade one of the minions spilled on it.    Probably that.

So another short and sweet today.... the inflatable pool is filling as I type and the girls are waiting patiently in front of the TV lost in Jake and the Neverland Pirates until it's ready.

I set the pool up in the front yard, where the shade of our Red Maple tree is nearby.    A little bistro table is also there.....perfect for a watermelon and lemonade refreshing treat when the splashing is done.

We have watched this tree grow over the past 7 years from a young tree that barely cast a shadow, to the giant perfect climbing and nest building beauty that it is now.     The other day as I stood beneath it's welcoming shade, refilling the bird feeder that now hangs from a sturdy, high limb - where once there was only skinny twigs - I couldn't help but wonder:

" do you grow so tall and strong?"

This are the words my tree friend said to me:

from Pinterest

 Some pretty good words to live by.

Who knew trees were so wise.

 warm wishes sign