So I am sorry I had fooled you all into thinking I am just a mini van driving, java swigging, Zumba dancing with iPod blaring, tweeting fool of a SAHM of 3.

The whole long winter passed us by, and I don't think I mentioned it once. Not once.

I am so sneaky deceptive like that.

 Or am I?

Because really.   Honestly?    You didn't think I'd be a fan?

Pshaw.   It's a national requirement dontcha know.

Cheeky, yes.

But seriously, you really can learn some great life lessons from the game of hockey.

"You Miss 100% of the shots you don't take."
Wayne Gretzky

That's why he's The Great One!

Okay, probably not.    I think he scored a lot of goals and stuff too.
Still, pretty great quote, right?

P.S.   And for all my concerned fellow Canadians, I am not technically a LA Kings fan.   But I do enjoy rooting for the underdog.    Since my real team is the most winniest (totally a word, shush) team in sports history ----- I can do that.  :)

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