If you dropped by for my Coffee Chat  yesterday, than you know that I am determined to become one Fit Mama!

And I see "Fit" as an entire journey......not just a destination.     So to keep myself motivated on this journey, when on any given day it is entirely possible that my children, Left Brain's shift schedule, or an aching back, could keep me from working up that sweat.   Of course, let's not forget blogging, tweeting, liking, pinning, syncing iTunes......um, wait...

....I must have more time in the day than I thought?!   Hmmm...

 So, what is my excuse really??

What is it exactly that I am afraid that I might miss on the Twit?
I have  Google Reader -- and believe me; it expertly fills up with all my unread blogger posts.

It will be waiting for me.

What will I truly regret:   being sore......or sorry?

But ya know, it does help much to have a work out buddy to help you stay on track.
And to keep things fun and interesting.   S'sly -- you should see Zoo Zoo Zumba!

But don't let the cuteness fool you........she can be one mean Booty Camp Drill Sgt.!
Yes, Zoo Zoo....I am sure it will help mommy A Lot if you sit on her back while she does Plank position.
Thanks for that.
 warm wishes sign