The Prompt:  G Rated Photo

My blog is family friendly.  So pull out a G-rated photo of your guy - wearing their best smile and clothes - and write a handsome poem to match.

Poetry Workshop

I am handing the prose duties over to Left Brain for this one.

He doesn't know I am going to share this lil treasure......but then again, I didn't know he was going to forget to put out the trash today.   And I had already fulfilled my part of that bargain.  *eye roll*

Marriage is fun like that sometimes.

 Sorry though.....not sure that I have ever posted a picture of Left Brain on the blog.    Given his day job and all.    That will have to get his approval.

Will a picture he created for me suffice?
Oh, I think you'll approve just fine.

 All together now....."aaaaahhhhhhhh"

It gets better.   He can actually pen a not-too-shabby-poetic-ditty when he wants something to.

The nights were dark and lonely
in this lair that we have made.

Not hearing your voice to soothe me,
As I try to finally fade.

In my dream I see you,
whispers in the light,
of love that is ever-lasting...

...I missed you here tonight.

 Yes, he's a keeper.

But just remember while you're all in a dither....

......he still did forget the trash.  

Now, off to watch the DVD of the first Season of Wilfred that he bought for me today.

I know.   Doesn't seem fair that he makes me a sweet picture, a romantic poem, and then unselfishly offers up some Elijah Wood eye candy for me to enjoy while he is away on nights.

Oh, just stop it already.

I wrote one for him once too.    Go ahead - check in to the Starlight Hotel

Is it hot in here?
 warm wishes sign