Poetry Workshop
#1: June 5:  Just A Word 

 Pick a word that best describes your person. Then use it to make an Acrostic Poem. An acrostic poem, sometimes called a name poem, uses a word for its subject. Then each line of the poem begins with a letter from the subject word. This type of poetry doesn’t have to rhyme.

So I'm late.
With Reason.

Wait....let me clarify -- late with my poem.   And Nothing Else!    Let's be very clear on that.

If you are a writer who is prone to jotting down your inspired thoughts throughout the day on crumpled bits of paper - well, you can relate to my tale.

If you are all "look at my fancy writing journal....isn't it pretty, and it fits so perfect in my purse."  well, not only will you not likely relate, you are probably sadly shaking your head at me.   And your hair is probably even brushed.   
Don't mock me.

Anyhoo...since I am the type who cannot be bothered or organized enough to purchase an actual writer's notebook, I am forever looking for scraps of paper to capture those fleeting prose gems.     I live with 3 children so there is much dead tree available.    But I live with 3 children.....and Left Brain.    Who remember what his "special bonus" is for taking out the trash -- which includes the recycling of much dead tree.

You know where this is going, right?

I had a perfectly lovely acrostic poem all ready for you.   Aww.....it was about love.   And it was so sweet.  And sublime.    Le Sigh.
But alas.....it was garbage day the other day. 

Do you think my Waste Disposal Person will enjoy his love note?
hhmm, perhaps if he does enjoy my prose offering.......maybe he won't toss my garbage can into the street next week when he has finished emptying the contents.

Thus, in the mysterious absence of my acrostic perfection, I thus leave you:

Scripted words
Devilish sabotage

Oh, if only
Fortuitous forethought had
First inspired me.

It's not always sonnets and sunshine people.

 warm wishes sign