As I mentioned, my mom was visiting this weekend.
The last time she was here was for the big Mother's Day/35th (ahem) birthday weekend.

And we had such a great weekend then...... however, not a single moment caught on film!
Sometimes you are just having too much wine fun to think to grab the camera -- know what I'm saying?

Poetry Workshop
 Not really a big deal -- I got a pretty good memory.    (lies, all lies)
But it does make it rather difficult to create this week's Poetry Prompt:

 “A picture is worth a thousand words.”
I AM SURE you took pictures on Mother’s Day.  Pick one and write a poem for it.  IF by chance you were too busy enjoying that day and didn’t get to snap a photo, then use any photo of you, the kiddos, or all of you for inspiration.

As Lady Luck would have it (and, when one starts digging desperately through the old albums.....she usually finds ya),  I found some old pictures of my mom and I.     It just so happened that I had also recently read Brenda's Pondering Post on Love, which prompted me to look at those old photos of a young mom and a much younger me with new eyes.

What future did she envision for me?    What kind of life did she dream for me?   And what did she have to give up to make it all happen?    Even though she couldn't possibly foresee the joys, the pains, the heartbreak's and the loves.......she surely knew they would all visit me at some point.    Just as I look at my children now, and as much as I want to wish that nothing would ever happen to them...

.....well, then.....nothing would ever happen to them.

How do you hold all that love within your heart.....when deep down you know, you are one day supposed to let it go?    Watch it leave you.   The dilemma of a mother's love for sure.    And since I was in church today, I also couldn't help but think about Mary:   and the ultimate mother's sacrifice  of letting go.

Because you see.   I would walk through fire for my children.   I'd take a bullet to save them.   And yours too.    But...

....I would not give my son to save yours.

I would do so much for love -- but I couldn't do that.

Cover Me

What future did you see
as you watched me softly sleep
kittens, and swings and rainbows
the sun to forever shine
and cover me?

Did your heart break
when all those wishful longings
hung fragile on a string
then broke and shattered and darkness
covered over me?

Surely you would have surrendered
your last still and silent breath
to save the love you bore
and catch it neatly to your breast
till love covered over

Mary, did you know
as your Son hung dying
that love had come down
for the whole world to know
perfect love covers fear?

What if, a mother's love
not a father's brief averted gaze
bore the driven nails
would that love have been enough
to cover a groaning world?

Nay, a bittersweet blessing
to have and to hold and to love
ones' wee babes but briefly
and then let go so they may soar
and cover over dreams

And so same I
who was called from darkness
when you whispered my name
unending love, amazing grace
it covers me

Sorry a bit late to the party folks.
I was pondering.

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