Similar to Friday's change up....I'm doing something a little different this Monday also.

 "Gee, girl gets some colour in her hair and goes crazy!"

Yes perhaps, but it is a simple truth that variety is the spice of no list today my dears.  At least not the kind you have come to expect.

Today, it's music that is gonna move me.   And if you are a frequent flyer know how much I lurv me some music, so really.....are you that surprised?


Welcome to the 94th edition of Monday's Music Moves Me!
  Marie from Xmas Dolly is head conductor.

Helping out on the Love Train to make sure things run smoothly are co-conductors:    Lorie of The Shewbridges of Central Florida,  Callie of JAmericanSpice,  Stacy of Stacy Uncorked , and yours truly!

This month, Naila Moon will be our honorary co-conductor.  Let's get this dance party started, shall we?      This week's theme is "Summer".

Since this is my first trip, I will include the entire rules:

Admission to ride is totally doable for anyone.  Are you ready to rock n' roll with all the other passengers? Then here's what you do.... 
  • Grab the "Monday's Music Moves Me" Button (code is on my sidebar). 
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Summer always means fun in the water to me.    And the one thing I always have wanted to learn was how to surf.   Enter one of my guilty movie pleasures.....and a song that always means young summer to me.  (most of you probably know the original version by Bananarama from "The Karate Kid movie.")

Since I don't have ocean waves,  I was a beach volleyball nut instead.   And this song pretty much sums up most of my teen/college summers at the beach.....Playing with the Boys (happens when you are an all star setter!)

Naturally, there must be some reggae.   And rum does taste really cool from a silver tray.

And because I am Canuck...I have to have appropriate Canadian content.  But I don't know anyone who doesn't love to rock out to this song!

Boy, I am so used to a list of 10...and I really could go on.   Believe me,  there are always more great songs!

What great summer song gets you moving?

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